Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gathering of the Trolls: Trump Invites Online Extremists to White House

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Tomorrow is a big day for online provocateurs, trolls, Republican lawmakers, alt-right political strategists, and right-wing media stars.

Trump is holding a Social Media Summit in the White House and they're all invited! 

The reason for this dubious gathering is to ensure Trump wins the 2020 election... by whatever means are necessary.

The seeds for the summit were scattered by Trump and minions recently when he went on the offensive against tech giants Facebook, Google, and Twitter. 

The planned narrative Trump and the trolls are taking is simple (it has to be to work with that group); the tech world is liberal, and they hate us by censoring everything we say. Now we're going to do something about it.

That storyline will be coordinated by the master con man Trump himself. Interestingly, none of the tech companies were invited to attend this "media summit."

One of the so-called stars attending will be James O'Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, a conservative hit team repeatedly exposed for fraudulent stories, but still slinking around in dark conservative corners.

Ben Garrison, cartoonist for haters, will be another alt-right star at the summitt. Trump has personally complimented his work. 

In an interesting twist this week, a federal judge ruled that Trump is prohibited by the First Amendment from blocking critics on his Twitter feed. 

Twitter is now going to "label' Trump's tweets that violate it's policies, but will allow him to keep tweeting because he's a national figure.

The White House did not release a full list of attendees to the event. 

The whole idea for this alt-right fest/summit is part of a broader offensive by Trump and his handlers to encourage pro-Trump online influences. They're not going to depend on just Russia's help again in 2020.

Critics are uneasy over this gathering of the trolls at a moment when disinformation remains high three years after the Russian agents spread disinformation using those same tech giants.

We got a taste of things to come from Trump's legions when a GOP operative recently edited a video of House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi; making her words sound slurred by slowing the speed down so that she sounded drunk.

That was just the tip of a very large iceberg bearing Trump's mark.

This whole joke of a summit has raised the ire of lawmakers, free speech advocates, and open government experts, who see the gathering as a misuse of federal funds.

That's just par for the course in the Trump era where lies and fear rule, and laws are broken with impunity. 

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