Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Rare Reversal: Trump's Attempt To Hold Next G-7 was in Foul Territory

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Trump was playing hardball to hold the 2020 G-7 Summit at his failing National Doral Resort... and lost.

Team Trump, led by pitcher Mick Mulvaney, recently announced the best place in the entire United States for the G-7 Summit happened to be Trump's property in Florida.

During a lie-laced press briefing Mulvaney claimed that there were a dozen properties considered for the location of the G-7 Summit.

Mulvaney admitted that it was Trump who suggested his property was the place to go. So much for any vetting of conflict of interest. By passing on all selection norms the game of ethics struck out.

If Mulvaney had steered a federal contract to a business he owned, he'd be sitting in jail right now awaiting arraignment. But, as Team Trump claimed, it's okay for the president because he's (in their view) above the law.

Team Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham suggested it was absurd (!) to believe that the law could apply to Trump. She also falsely claimed that Trump was no longer involved in the family business.

Fact: Trump's own financial disclosure statements show that he retains ownership of Trump National Doral as well as the Trump Organization that operates it, through a trust he created after winning the 2016 election for which he is the sole trustee.

Trump's frequent visits to his commercial properties in Florida, New Jersey, and other locals have funneled federal dollars into his own coffers ever since he was elected.

However, the other team wasn't just idly sitting by and watching Team Trump.

Actions taken before Trump backed off:

* Democrat's introduce 'THUG Act' to block funding for G-7 at Trump resort 

* Senators are demanding answers on the decision to hold the G-7 Summit at Trump Doral

* Trump invites new emoluments fight with G-7 resort pitch 

* Experts: President's plan to hold G-7 at Trump Resort violates the U.S. Constitution

It appears that the "Chosen One's" swing at an ethics grand slam has fouled out. 

That leaves Trump with two more outs left in the game and Congress is working on them with an expert impeachment bullpen.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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