Thursday, October 24, 2019

Unhinged! GOP Lawmakers Obstruct Congressional Hearing

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How desperate are the Republicans who are trying to defend Trump's corruption?

Enough to break every rule in Congress. First by stonewalling a slew of subpoenas, and then yesterday by breaking into a closed door Congressional hearing and disrupting it.

As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper was sitting down to testify, the roughly two dozen Republicans stormed through three different doors, according to news reports.

GOP Rep. Bradley Byrne was screaming in the committee Chair Adam Schiff's face, but Schiff didn't engage. It quickly turned into a circus as both parties attempted to outshout the other.

One source (as reported by CNN) said, "It was the closest thing I've ever seen around here to mass civil unrest as a member of Congress."

The protesting Congressmen did not belong to any of the committees. 

Despite having equal representation, and the ability to ask questions on every inquiry committee, the Forever Trumpers in the House felt they needed to stage a protest in response to Trump's call for them to defend him more strongly.

Cheez-It crackers and pizza was brought into the room an hour later as the few remaining Republicans continued to stand around like defiant rats, claiming the current impeachment process wasn't fair.

Finally, after five hours, the last unhinged protestor left, warning he "might come back!" 

The protestors violated the Sensitive Compartment Information Facility (SCIF) rules by bringing in their electronics. 

GOP Rep. Mike Conaway, who is on the committee, had to collect them from the protestors led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz/aka Trump's most drama-queen defender.

At the very least, every one of those uninvited GOP protestors should be cited for obstruction of justice. Their only goal was to delay the impeachment process because it was becoming too painful to hear.

When Trump called out to Republicans to "get tougher" a few days ago, the Forever Trumpers responded with a dramatic break-in to a classified hearing after meeting with Trump, and presumably getting their marching orders.

What worries me is what are those same GOP members going to do next, as more evidence condemning Trump comes out daily? How far will they go?

Nothing seems off the table for those increasingly worried GOP lawmakers who have decided to flaunt rules, and even laws, to protect Trump.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman, a Florida Democrat who was in the room when the Republicans charged in, put it best, "This investigation clearly has far too much fact for their comfort level, so they have to stop it from moving forward."

It's unclear what will happen next.

In the future it looks like they're going to have to have better security (!) in the SCIF if they don't want these illegal break-ins to continue.

That should be interesting.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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