Tuesday, October 22, 2019

They're Back! Russian Trolls for Trump Are After Joe Biden

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Putin, who has to be pleased with his trolls work in the 2016 election, has turned them loose again for a repeat in 2020.

Every intelligence agency in the U.S. knew the Russians were coming back. The Mueller report predicted it.

The new target? Joe Biden.

It's an obvious quid pro quo after Trump handed over Syria, and ruined America's relationships with all of our major allies.

Throw in the weakening of Ukraine's democratic status, and it was the least Putin could do for his Donny.

In normal times, if a foreign power was caught meddling in a presidential primary the White House would have immediately responded with a stern warning to Russia or whoever the perpetrator was.

But there was no response from the Trump White House.

The fact is, Trump has corrupted part of our government, and is trying to do away with separation of powers so he can become a king.

Yesterday, our wannabe monarch told the press what he thought about the Constitution by calling the Emoluments Clause "Phony."

Fake news and a phony passage in the Constitution. The only real thing in Trump's world is that he's a stable genius and The Chosen One.

As for the rest of us (the majority of the country), we don't want foreign interference in our elections. Trump has welcomed it from the start. He's probably going to need all the foreign interference he can get in 2020.

There's never been a more unpopular president in American history running for re-election. 

If Trump survives his impeachment trial in the Senate, he'll become the first American president to attempt to be re-elected with that dark cloud over him.

To assure victory, Trump's minions have been conducting a worldwide "find dirt on Joe Biden" campaign, touring the Ukraine, Australia, and Italy seeking to prove a debunked conspiracy theory.

The Russian trolls appearance this early in the game shows how serious they are about keeping Trump in power. And, why not? They've been winning since he slithered into office!

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