Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How To Deal With Trump: Don't Take the Bait!

Good Day World!

After three years you'd think the Democrats would have caught on to Trump's race-baiting tweets and not be diverted by them.

But no.

They went bonkers yesterday when Trump referred to the impeachment process against him as a "lynching." 

Just when I thought the Democrats were on track in their impeachment inquiries, I see a headline like the one in the link above. They're still talking about lynching today.

After over 1000 days (and 13,000 lies) later, Trump is still getting away with one of his favorite diversionary tactics: throwing verbal grenades into the mix.

He manages to curtail controversies he stirs up by saying something so outrageous - and off the subject - it demands a response in return, successfully blunting whatever accusations were leveled against him.

It seems to have worked thus far.

The good news is Trump is fighting for his political life right now, and every day brings more bad news for him. Government employees and insiders are speaking out about his corrupt dealings.

As the evidence continues to build up against him, Trump will get more desperate. 

What he did to the Kurds reflects his desperation. He was more worried about his base than what all of his generals told him not to do - pull out and abandon our ally.

It was a classic wag the dog moment.

Instead of diverting attention away from the impeachment accusations however, it only added to the narrative he's out of control and is a threat to the country.

The Democrats need to be focused in their investigations and not get distracted by Trump's stunts. 

The investigation is coming to a turning point - with 55 percent of Americans wanting Trump impeached and ousted from office. But, the numbers have to keep climbing in order to break the Republican firewall in the senate.

For Congress to succeed in impeaching Trump - especially within a certain timeline - they can't waste time censuring and exposing every stunt or racist remark he makes daily.

Just don't take the bait. His grenades are just smoke bombs.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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