Friday, October 25, 2019

Trump's Alternate Reality Defense Isn't Working This Time

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Let's face it, Trump's use of an alternate reality defense stymied the Democrats when the Mueller report was released.

It was a victory for Trump and his minions. They managed to muddy Mueller's warnings and went into a complete stonewall mode that defused the facts in the report. 

Two days after claiming exoneration, Trump felt so invincible he put the screws on the Ukraine's new president Zelensky, demanding that he conduct a conspiracy investigation against his main Democratic rival for president Joe Biden. 

He also wanted Zelensky to pursue another conspiracy theory over a mysterious server that supposedly had proof Russia didn't interfere with the 2016 election, and that the Ukraine did.

Unfortunately for Trump he went back to the well too soon and found a newly energized Democratic Party. They gathered facts on his latest corruption so fast Trump and his minions haven't been able to mount an effective defense.

When Republican sources said yesterday that diplomat Bill Taylor's testimony was a 'game changer" and points to "quid pro quo," a dark cloud descended on Trump and his minions.

With no organized defense tactics (other than storming into a Congressional closed-door meeting in a highly secure area), Trump's case gets worse by the day.

Thus far, Trump has held his minions in thrall with his alternate universe seemingly working so well in the real world. But like all theatrical performances the curtain comes down in the end.

With evidence and facts hitting the confused Republican Party lawmakers like bricks, the foundation of Trump's reality show has been exposed as a fantasy for the wealthy and white supremacists.

If Trump and his enablers think it's tough going right now they're in for a big shock when the hearings go public in mid-November.

National polls favoring Trump's impeachment and ouster from office are showing a steady increase as the weeks go by. In the matter of one month, 51 percent of all voters think Trump needs to go.

What really stands out about this poll is when the news broke about a whistleblower exactly one month ago today, only 37 percent of voters wanted Trump kicked out of office. 

There's reason to believe more bad news will be coming during the impeachment process revelations in the weeks ahead.

There's also good reason to believe Trump will act crazier than he already has as the investigation gains ground. It's important to remember, these are not normal times.

Trump is not a normal president. His three-year reality show in politics has crippled America's standing in the world community, and his corruption has been like a poison infecting our government and Constitution.

The only thing that could save him is if the Senate decides to let Trump get away with everything. At one time, I would have said there's no way GOP senators would ever turn on Trump.

The times, however, are a changing.

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