Saturday, October 19, 2019

Alert! Trump's Lies Have Hit Critical Mass

Good Day World!


With the exception of Trump's hardcore base (the QAnon crowd), no one in the world believes a word Trump says.

Not even the Republicans aka Trumplicans.

The Democrats already knew he was a serial liar. World leaders who have met Trump - or just know of his reputation for seeking flattery - have found him to be as malleable as clay.

When Trump opened the door for Turkey to invade Syria and attack our ally the Kurds, the entire balance of the Middle East was destroyed.

When Pence and Pompeo met with Turkey's strongman all they could come away with was a 5-day cease fire (or as Turkey put it - a "pause").

It took less than 24 hours for that "pause" to be violated. The Turks used chemical weapons against Kurdish civilians yesterday.

The so-called cease fire was a humiliating defeat for America. Our troops in the region are demoralized because of Trump's betrayal of their comrade-in-arms against ISIS.

When I found out that the U.S. has fifty nuclear weapons in Turkey, a sick feeling hit me. The nukes are on (or near) the American air base in Turkey.

It didn't help matters that Trump insulted Turkey's strongman with the stupidest diplomatic letter ever sent by an American president (or diplomat) to another country.

Erdogan responded with a gas attack and a promise of "more to come" in response to the "devil letter" Trump sent.

It appears Trump's actions have hit a critical mass in the Middle East. Russia, Syria, and the Turks (along with their extremist militias) quickly seized the vacuum our retreating troops left.  

In their wake is a growing humanitarian crisis, a resurgence of ISIS, and a strategic victory for Russia and Iran. It was a shameful exit, as our troops were forced to blow up their hastily abandoned bases.

It's a sad reflection of America's waning power overseas, thanks to Trump's alienation of nearly every democratic nation (our allies) on the planet. Selling out the Kurds only proved that.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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