Saturday, August 10, 2019

Trump's 'Beautiful' Letter From Kim Was Probally a Poisoned Pen Letter

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Trump's latest love letter from Kim raised a lot of eyes in the Pentagon. 

When he started talking about another visit to North Korea our intelligence community quickly suspected another 'Ground Hog Day' was coming, where basically nothing was going to be achieved just like in the past futile attempts.

The next attempt to revive stalled denuclearization talks was supposed to be June 30th, which has come and gone. Meanwhile, Kim has fired a series of missiles and rockets right up until last Thursday. 

Which brings me back around to Kim's beautiful letter to Trump. When he got the letter he acted like a lovestruck little boy when a reporter asked what was in it.

He coyly refused, and waived the missive about briefly and then tucked it away in a pocket by his heart. 

What do you want to bet Kim was giving Trump an ultimatum that if he didn't stop the war games between the USA and South Korea (which are currently underway) there would be trouble ahead?

We've seen Trump play with pieces of paper before, claiming them to be something they weren't. It's part of his childish charm that he uses to attract dictators.

With our intelligence community missing it's top two people, Dan Coates and Sue Gordon, because Trump has booted them out, there's little or no leadership to fill the void.

His temporary replacement Joseph Maguire (whose biggest qualification is he won't defy Trump) is going to find low morale when he steps into the position August 15th.

Trump's distain for the intelligence community has shocked career employees and Democratic and Independent lawmakers. 

Even some Republicans recognize Trump's distain for the intelligence community is dangerous - but of course they're saying it behind closed doors.

In the midst of this chaos Trump is talking like a hopeful beau arranging a meeting with his would-be lover. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that he's being played like a violin by Kim.

As Trump moons over the possible meeting, the middle east is blowing up again and ISIS is back in Syria and Iraq after Trump pulled troops out of there against the wishes of then Gen. Mattis.

He resigned after Trump insisted it would be okay, despite his professional advise and what our intelligence community told him would happen.

Now, it's a growing threat because Trump can't take advise... even from top experts in the field.

Trump's pathetic and stupid attempts at making a deal with Kim have not changed the dynamics a bit - Kim is, and will continue to be, America's enemy.

Just like Trump.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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