Monday, August 5, 2019

Are We So Numb That Mass Shootings No Longer Shock Us?

Good Day World!

This last week has been horrific. 

It's time to declare we have a national crisis, and to do something about it.  

Twenty-nine innocent people (mostly Hispanic) were slaughtered by racists in the space of six days. In addition, over 50 were wounded in the three separate attacks from Gilroy, California; to El Paso, Texas; to Dayton, Ohio.

All committed by young white men with assault rifles. Does anyone see a pattern here? I do. It's called domestic terrorism, although the FBI doesn't classify it that way... yet.

The majority of mass murderers identify with nationalist/supremacist screeds and are young white men. Just look at this year, for numerous examples.

I'm concerned that all of this daily violence is having a numbing effect on people. There's been 250 mass shootings in the last 215 days! It sounds more like a war zone than the land of the free.

Yet, despite these horrendous statistics, there's been no movement on common sense gun control. Our polarized Senate and House have a major problem getting anything (other than emergency bills like balancing the budget) passed.

As families of all of these victims mourn their senseless losses today, all the members of the House and Senate are staying away...on vacation.

Are we as a country content to live with this increasingly common reality of mass shootings? I haven't seen any nationwide, or even state, marches or movements insisting on gun control... yet.

America seems unable to address the continuing violence and the racism that feeds the fire that motivates these domestic terrorists.

We don't have a president to lead us through this dark chapter of our history. Instead, our president fuels the fires of white nationalists who are committing these murderous assaults, at every opportunity. Including his rallies for re-election.

In an era where the president goes out of his way to divide by party and race, people are depressed and anxious. The constant mass shootings are having the effect of further numbing their senses.

Our reality today: t
here's no safe haven in our society from maniacs with assault rifles, and not enough people ready to do something about it. 

I keep seeing polls where the majority of Americans want more gun control, yet nothing happens. 

Until this silent majority becomes active politically... this is our present, and future.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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