Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Final Humiliation: Foreign Countries Warn Citizens USA Not Safe To Visit

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The final humiliation...

The violence in America has spiked in the last three years, and the result is foreign countries are warning their citizens who travel to America to beware of the violence here.

One country, Uruguay, has warned it's citizens to avoid places where large concentrations of people are, such as theme parks, malls, art festivals, religious activities, food festivals, sports events and mass protests.

In another words, visit at your own peril.

The Japanese Consul in Detroit published an alert Sunday that said Japanese citizens, "should be aware of potential for gunfire" everywhere in the U.S., which they described as a "gun society."

Consider this; once upon a time, people came to America to avoid violence in their own countries. We were the world's sanctuary for citizens from Third World counties, and dictators worldwide.

Now, to our national shame, we seem unable to do anything about mass shootings, or our out-of-control gun society.

Our political parties are so polarized it's nearly impossible to pass any legislation, and to get Trump to sign on to it, regardless of if it was a bipartisan bill.

This political limbo is endangering the lives of all Americans daily.

When we can't even get voter protection legislation against foreign powers passed... we're in a deadly limbo;

When we can't pass ANY gun safety laws... we're in a deadly limbo.

The reason is we have a racist president who is a divider.

One thing keeps coming back to me... we're in a national crisis that's challenging our core values. Democracy is giving way to something darker under the Trump administration.

There has to be a course correction soon to stop any further damage to our Constitution and government. Either through impeachment, or electing a new president in 2020.

Meanwhile we have to suffer the indignity of watching America's standing in the world community plummet because of Trump's isolationist and racist policies.

It's our sad reality when Forbes puts out a list of the 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America. Tourists worldwide are getting the message that the land of the free, is not the land of safety.

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