Monday, August 12, 2019

Hey Trump! ISIS is Back: U.S. Serviceman Slain in Iraq

Good Day World!

Another U.S. military member was killed in the middle east two days ago in Iraq.

You can't be blamed for being unaware of this because the Trump administration downplays deaths overseas. Every U.S. death is significant, but this last one comes on the heels of another failed Trump foreign policy decision.

All the top military brass told Trump it is was a mistake to pull out of Syria. That it was sending the wrong message. Ignoring all attempts to stop him he pulled the plug on a small infrastructure of U.S. military members that was helping hold ISIS at bay.

This last death happened while fighting ISIS. The same group Trump declared was destroyed not so long ago. In fact, ISIS has extended it's reach into Afghanistan challenging the Taliban and U.S. forces.

Fact: there has been no comprehensive foreign policies during the Trump regime. Setting aside his adviser's concerns, the orange ape would rather go by his amble "gut" than real intelligence findings.

By alienating our allies and propping up dictators Trump's treasonous actions are based upon how he will benefit, not for the benefit of all Americans. 

Our national security is at risk. Trump's missteps with China, Russia, and North Korea, have put American security interests in danger worldwide.

How much longer can the Democrats hold off on impeachement? At this point, I don't see how they can't go after Trump. 

When Congress returns from it's summer break, it should be the first order of business.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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