Thursday, August 8, 2019

How a Con Man Brought America to the Brink

Good Day World!

Another Guinness World Record has fallen.

The greatest con man - even more infamous than the Great Ponzi - was listed as Victor Lustig; the man who sold the Eiffel Tower...and got away with it!
That's right. Victor made so much money with the scam he couldn't let it go and tried to repeat his feat... and got caught the second time.

The Guinness staff needs to be ready to replace Victor as soon as Trump is kicked out of the White House - one way, or another.

Trump has pulled off the biggest con in history. I hate to admit it but the sociopath, narcissist, racist, lying con man leading (!) our country, practically fooled everyone that he could do the job.

The reality: his own base is suffering from the chubby snake oil salesman's economic stupidity. 

His use of tariffs might have made him feel tough, but tell that to the nation's farmers in the Midwest. The same one's who voted for the rascal in 2016. 

China is no longer buying agricultural items from the U.S and the farmers have to be bailed out like welfare recipients by the federal government.

In the tradition of successful con men, Trump promised anything to get a vote... and hasn't delivered on any of his promises.

That includes the economy. Trump was riding the rising market that Obama had restored after the great recession his first two years. By passing a tax con he doubled the wealth of the rich and screwed the middle class.

That carried the economy up until now. Anyone following the market can see what's currently happening; we're heading for another recession. 

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The U.S. economy has been growing steadily since the summer of 2009, making it the second-longest expansion on record.

Now, Trump's clumsy efforts to juice the economy through the use of tariffs has the USA sliding into a full-on trade war with China.

But even the greatest con men end up paying a price for their deeds. It might takes years before they are fully exposed, but history inevitably seeks them out. 

Trump's con has brought this country to the brink of chaos. These are not normal times. All we can do is resist his attempts to divide us by race and ideology, until he's gone.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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