Saturday, September 15, 2018

Political Weather Forecast: GOP Shit Storm Ahead

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Republicans running in the midterms are wearing their foul weather gear because Trump is causing daily shit storms on twitter.

Polls show Trump's approval rating at an all-time low, and that the House will probably flip back to the Democrats in November.

As if that wasn't bad enough news for the Republicans, they're having to deal with a lunatic who is slowly becoming unhinged. They have no way to prepare for each new day's depredations that issue from Trump's twitter account.

Instead of encouraging Americans not too worry when a natural disaster hits, Trump manages to insert himself in the conversation and caters to his base.

With Hurricane Florence lashing out at the Carolinas, Trump goes on TV and brags about what a great job he did in Puerto Rico when they were hit by Maria.

He also assaulted the truth when he claimed there wasn't 3000 deaths in Puerto Rico from the storm. He lashed out at the independent study that determined how many people did die from the results of the storm.

As usual, he made it out to be a conspiracy against him perpetrated by the Democrats and everyone else who didn't like him.

Bottom line: Puerto Ricans in Florida aren't likely to vote for Republicans who are holding onto to Trump's bib.

Trump has become more toxic in the last month than at any other time in his presidency. GOP candidates are increasingly feeling the strong undercurrents of a red wave, thanks to Trump's divisive leadership.

The midterms this fall are going to be a turning point in Trump's presidency. With a Democratic majority in the House, there will be numerous investigations into his corrupt regime, and his past.

Without Nunes, Meadows, Jordan, and the rest of that vile "freedom caucus" propping up Trump by holding phony investigations into investigations to divert from what's really happening in the Russian investigation, Trump is going to be the center of his own shit storm come November.

No more midnight runs to the White House with classified materials for Nunes, who may not even be in the House after the elections.

Dark days are ahead for Donny. But, brighter days are ahead for our country. 

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