Monday, September 10, 2018

It's Monday: Place Your Bets For the Week

Good Day World!

Welcome to my virtual betting site where no money is exchanged, just bragging rights for who comes the closest in their daily predictions.

1) Trump is going to angrily tweet about Bob Woodward: 
     A) 100% B) 75% C) 25% 

2) Mike Pence was the writer of the explosive NY Times Op       Ed that described what was happening in the White House
    A) 100% B) 50% C) 10%

1) The contents of National Inquirer's secret vault will be              revealed by publisher David Pecker. In it, will be a load of      shit on Trump.
    A) 90% B) 60% C) 10%

2) Trump will go all day without tweeting.
    A) 70% B) 30% C 1%

1) Bob Mueller will announce another indictment related to         the Russian investigation.
    A) 60% B) 40% C) 20%

2) Trump will impose additional tariffs on China
     A) 75% B) 60% C) 35%

1) House Republicans pursue a review on something that's         been reviewed and closed...the FISA process.
    A) 80% B) 65% C) 25%

2) Rudy Giuliani, Trump's buddy and lawyer, will make a             false claim about something.
    A) 100% B) 80% C) 50%

1) Trump will play golf.
     A) 100% B) 75% C) 50%

2) Jeff Sessions will defend himself against Trump's personal      attacks against him.
     A) 50% B) 25% C) 1%

No betting on the weekend. 

You can let me know how you scored in the comment section of this blog, or email me at richarddavestancliff@gmail 
Love to get your input!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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