Friday, September 14, 2018

How Low Can Trump Go? No One Knows

Good Day World!

How low can you go?

Have you ever done the limbo? You know, the game (its more like a challenge).

It's really simple. Two upright bars, and one horizonal bar that can be lowered in stages. The contestant attempts to walk under the bar - bending their back in the process - each time it's lowered. If the contestant knocks the bar off he loses.

So why am I bringing up the limbo game?

It's a great analogy to Trump's approach to life. Every day people wonder how low he'll go. 

This week has been a new low for Trump as he denies the reality of what happened in Puerto Rico after it was hit by Hurricane Maria.

Trump. bragging as usual, touted what a good job he did in helping the people in Puerto Rico, in a tweet. This despite everything that went wrong, including 3000 deaths attributed to Maria.

He shamelessly tweeted that there weren't that many deaths (without evidence) and the Democrats were just trying to make him look bad.

ABC - Trump 'Dead Wrong' On Death Toll 

CBS - Puerto Rico's Governor: Victims of Hurricane Maria Don't Deserve "To Have Their Pain Questioned"

NBC Democrats, Puerto Ricans blast Trump's 'beyond ridiculous' Hurricane Maria death toll claims

Mind you, this pack of lies came while he was supposed to be reassuring the country that the east coast was ready for the monster Hurricane Florence heading their way.

Instead Trump was doing a victory dance over how well he handled the Puerto Rico crisis. His warning that Hurricane Florence is coming fast sounded like something a 5th grader might have said (after learning a new word - tremendous):

"There's a tremendous big storm coming and it's going to be tremendously wet..."

It wasn't exactly comforting to hear our idiot-in-chief babble like a baboon with rudimentary education. The question remains...just how low can Trump go? 

The answer is, no one knows...not even Donny.

Time for me to walk on down the road...


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