Sunday, September 16, 2018

Warning! You May Get A Call From Trump Soon!

Good Day World!

Omg! They've really done it now...

Everyone knows how much our Liar-In-Chief loves tweeting. Can you imagine if he had a direct line to your cell phone! Brace yourself...

FEMA is testing a new system next week that allows Trump to send text messages directly to all the cell phones in America. Text messages...what's next? Phone calls? 

The word is that all wireless firms and over 100 carriers are participating in the new Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) program that allows for presidential alerts.

For the record, we already have a WEA program funded by FEMA. They're just letting Trump in on the system for reasons that go beyond my comprehension.

I don't see how Trump will resist using this new found way to reach out to his base. Corrupting government systems is one of his specialties. The temptation to reach a larger audience will be too much for the morally corrupt jerk to pass up.

Experts have assured news outlets that Trump would not overuse (abuse?) the system. I wonder what the experts were smoking when they came to that conclusion?

In a press release Karen North, director of the Annenberg Digital Social Media program at USC said,

"If you separate this from politics and personality of any president, then this is a great idea and an amazing use of technology."

Perhaps, in normal times.

But, how are we supposed to separate the fact that our president is a sociopath and narcissist who is totally capable of abusing any system?

This is an alert. Stand by...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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