Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kavanugh Poised To Dive Into Swamp

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Trump has given swimming lessons to all of his minions on how to navigate the swamp he's created in Washington DC.

His hand-picked "partisan warrior," for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, is poised to dive into Trump's swamp and pollute the Supreme Court for a generation.

The credit for sneaking a Republican operative, Kavanaugh, into our highest court goes to The Federalist Society, who provided Trump with just the right person to protect him if he's ever impeached.

This is the same group that hosted a phone call entitled "examining the legality of the Mueller Investigation" where one of the featured speakers argued that Mueller's investigation is unconstitutional, in May 2018.

The Federalist Society is dragging the Supreme Court down into it's murky idealist depths while Republicans on the Hill look the other way, or bury their heads in the sand out of shame.

Kavanaugh has lied twice under oath thus far, and refused to answer any pointed questions that betrayed his true feelings on subjects like Roe vs Wade

Journalist David Brock was among a group of young conservatives, along with Kavanaugh, that were groomed by The Federalist Society.

In a recent article, Brock penned an opinion alleging Kavanaugh is 'in his bones a Republican operative' - not an impartial observer. Brock, who is no longer a conservative, has known Kavanaugh for 30 years, and was surprised when he was selected by Trump.

"Brett and I were part of a close circle of cold, cynical and ambitious hard-right operatives being groomed by GOP elders for much bigger roles in politics, government, and media," Brock wrote in his Op Ed.

Will any of this information stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed? Sadly, I doubt it. The fix is in. The final dog-and-pony show will play out in the senate, and baring a miracle, we'll end up having a right-wing court for decades ahead.

Americans will have to live with a judicial system that no longer prides itself on impartiality. The result from toxic partisanship is challenging one of the pillars of our Republic - a fair and unbiased judicial system.

Senate Republicans are the only ones who can stop this shameful confirmation process. It would only take four true believers in defending our Constitution and judicial process among Republicans to stop this sham by voting against Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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