Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sessions Pushes Zero Tolerance and No Sympathy

Good Day World!

Sometimes I wonder why Trump gets after Jeff Sessions so much. 

He's carrying out Trump's marching orders like a good zombie AG should.

This week, in another of his hate-inspired speeches, Sessions addressed 44 new immigration judges, and told them there was no place for sympathy or compassion in their job. In Session's warped worldview, sympathy is a form of violence against laws.

But Trump still isn't satisfied with his little Keebler Elf lookalike, because he recused himself from the Russian investigation instead of risking his career and covering for Trump in the upcoming war against the DOJ and the FBI.

Sessions, it seems, is a survivor without shame. He takes Trump's regular tweet attacks against him in stride. A small price to pay for getting to inject his venom into our immigration laws and making families criminals. 

A small price to pay for getting to separate families because he's a racist. There's little doubt that Trump's sometime attack dog will continue to lick his ass and ignore his insults.

The trade off is worth it to this racist weasel, who intends to inflict as much damage to laws protecting minorities and immigrants, as he can. With extreme prejudice.

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

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