Saturday, December 16, 2017

When Intelligence Leaks Don't Matter, and Trump's Hypocritical Speech To FBI Grads

Good Day World!

Let's see now.

Who has been whining about intelligence leaks since January?

Stumped? The answer is Trump.

Check this out...

The Justice Department said on Thursday that the release of text messages between two former investigators in the federal probe into Russian election meddling, in which President Trump was referred to as an "idiot," was not authorized.

Not authorized. I think that's simple enough. A leak.

But did Trump get upset about the leak? Actually he never said a thing about it. At least not in public. In private, he was probably doing his happy dance. A new diversion!

His trolls in Congress made a big deal of releasing the transcripts to the press hours before the House Judiciary Committee hearing (despite having been unlawfully leaked) where they grilled Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, on them.

No one brought up the fact that the transcripts were illegally taken. Yet, every Republican on the committee waved them like a holy relic.

On Friday, Trump gave a speech at the FBI Academy Graduation ceremony, but not before slamming the whole department and promising to "re-make" it great again in a brief press conference outside the White House.

He said the FBI was in tatters (again) and that it was sad what's happened to it. 

I think he thought he was at a Police Academy graduation. If in his last sentence he hadn't said FBI...anyone watching would have surely thought it was about cops, not FBI Agents.
The pure hypocrisy surely wasn't lost on the graduates who must have been wondering if they'd be a part of a process to prosecute Trump of obstruction of justice someday.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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