Monday, December 11, 2017

Misplaced Loyalty: GOP Party Taking The Low Road

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Tomorrows special election in Alabama is a crossroad for Republicans - either they cede all morality and justice for women being sexually harassed, or they vote for Roy Moore.

Despicable as it may seem, party over anything else, the GOP has chosen to walk in lock-step with Trump and forego any attempt at showing they have a conscience or sense of morality. 

Because Trump has been getting away with dismantling the government with the help of his appointed corrupt cabinet, the GOP sees him as they're only hope.

Trump demands, and gets loyalty from his minions. When someone resists kissing his ass, like ex-FBI Director, James Comey for instance, he gets rid of them.

The GOP state party in Alabama (perhaps encouraged by Trump) has "loyalty rules" that bars its members from publicly backing Moore's opponent. No matter how they feel.

If they do, they can be barred from ever running as a Republican again.

The whole problem here is misplaced loyalty.

It starts at the top when Congress allows itself to be bullied by Trump, in the vain hope some of their agendas might be passed.

When people voted for Trump, it was out of misplaced loyalty.

They didn't care if he sexually harassed women most of his life - and bragged about it. He was a Republican, and that's all that mattered.

Voting for Trump was a watershed moment that steered America away from the high road, and down into the abyss of racial conflict, corporate corruption, and the 1 percent of wealthy Americans ruling the country.

When Alabama holds its election tomorrow, we'll see how far gone the GOP party is.

Either they reject a molester of underage girls, or they send him to Congress.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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