Sunday, December 3, 2017

#TaxScamBill: Americans Get Screwed While They're Sleeping

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While the American public slept, the douches in the senate passed a tax reform bill in the dark of night that promises to screw the middle class for years to come.

The bill was pushed through so fast that hand-written amendments were made on the margins right to the final vote at 2 am.

It was a stunning display of sneaky deals on a bill that was nothing more than a shell. Most of the spineless bastards didn't even know what was going to be in the bill.

Why the rush you ask? 

It's really quit simple; the Koch brothers and other major Repug donors told the GOP they would quit funding them if it wasn't passed!

As you can imagine, that set off a panic. It wasn't about giving the middle class a break, it was about satisfying their major donors.

There wasn't even an attempt to modify how badly Americans were going to get screwed, Instead, backdoor deals were made with possible holdouts - deals the devil would be proud of.

#TaxScamBill has gone viral on the web. No surprise. Americans woke up to a scam that was going to hurt them for years.

The bill still has to be reconciled between the Senate and the House.

But that's just a formality. There could be death panels in it, and the Repugs wouldn't care...they're determined to get a legislative victory at the expense of the middle class.

And worst of all, Chump will crow like a rooster for the rest of his time as president. His claim that it's the biggest tax bill in history, is a blatant lie.

It would be only the 8th largest tax reform bill ever passed. A fact that that doesn't deter our Liar-In-Chief though.

This bill will go down as an historic tax heist thanks to Republican donors picking your children's pockets. Future generations are going to bear the cost of this terrible bill if it goes to Trump's desk. 
Note to GOP: payback is a bitch. See you in next years elections!

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