Thursday, December 7, 2017

America's Fire-Starter-In-Chief On A Hot Streak

Good Day World!

America's Fire-Starter-In-Chief has a hot streak going right now.

He threw a lit match into the tinder box - aka the entire Middle East - yesterday.
Now the pasty-faced pyromaniac can sit back and enjoy the blaze he created.

There wasn't one good reason to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at this moment in time.

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem statement yesterday is an act of diplomatic arson.

There is a reason why no US administration, no matter how pro-Israel, has changed its policy toward the city in the nearly 70 years since Israel’s founding.

Both Israelis and Palestinians insist that Jerusalem must be the capital of their states, present and future, and that that status is non-negotiable.

Then comes Trump, oblivious to precedent and history. Even in a place where history is a matter of life and death.

Every Arab government – including those loyal to Washington – is now issuing sharp warnings on the perils of this move, almost all of them using the same word.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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