Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It’s About Respect: Presidential Candidates Need to Earn It

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If the emperor has no clothes on it’s only right to point that out.

Author Paul Krugman points it out succinctly:

“If people consistently make logically incoherent, ignorant arguments, the duty of a commentator is to say just that - not to mislead readers by pretending that these people are serious and making sense.”

He was talking about the whole Republican field of presidential hopefuls and claims they are talking nonsense about economic policy. I have to agree.

“Consider a couple of recent entries. Jeb Bush, the supposedly sensible candidate, has been pushing the utterly ludicrous claim that he can deliver 4 percent economic growth; so now Mike Huckabee, another G.O.P. candidate, is trying to one-up Mr. Bush by promising 6 percent. Well, I can beat all of them: Whatever they're promising, I promise the same - plus a pony.”

Krugman lasers in on Rand Paul and the Tea Party:

“Meanwhile, Rand Paul is decrying the irresponsibility of US fiscal management - why, the United States hasn't been debt-free since 1835. Clearly, disaster looms, and has been looming for 180 years.”

Like Krugman, I believe in telling the truth to my readers. It might be ugly, but it’s unvarnished. Until these presidential candidates start handing out well-researched plans, and realistic policies, they don’t deserve your respect.

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