Thursday, September 3, 2015

Deadly Selfies: When Fun Takes a Tragic Turn

Xenia Ignatyeva Fell 30 Meters, But Was Killed By Electrocution

(Xenia Ignatyeva Fell 30 Meters, But Was Killed By Electrocution. Image credit Terra)

                                     Good Day World!

Believe it or not, there can be a dark side to selfies.

On any given day and any digital platform that shares photos you can find people (and animals) showing off their selfies.

But selfies can be deadly as a Houston man recently found out when he accidentally shot himself while posing for selfies with a handgun. It wasn’t a suicide attempt either.

Perhaps the real story was …why was this guy playing around with a loaded handgun in the first place? The fact that he had to record his stupidity is really tragic for his family.

Just last month there was a similar circumstance when Oscar Otero Aguilar, 21, lost his life when he tried to take a selfie with a gun for his Facebook page. The Mexican gun enthusiast accidentally shot himself in the head and didn’t survive.

Then we have Xenia Ignatyeva who took a selfie from a bridge 30 feet off the ground to impress her friends. The 17-year-old Russian girl lost her balance and fell. But the teenager didn’t die from an impact. The girl fell on a cable, which electrocuted her.

The Inquisitr recently reported a Polish couple who fell to their death whilThe Love For Fast Motorcycles Proved Fatal For Jadiele taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff.

This photo (right) is a selfie snapped by a famous Mexican reggaet├│n musician Jadiel (also known as El Tsunami), uploaded to Instagram moments before he had a fatal motorcycle crash in New York in May, 2014.

I don’t see the selfie trend slowing down anytime soon.

What I would like to see is a safer approach to taking selfies. I recommend having a friend take it for you.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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