Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alien Contact: Hunting Humans For Sport?

Good Day World!

I firmly believe there are other life forms, aka aliens, in the universe and galaxies far, far away. 

It would be narrow-minded not to acknowledge the odds of other entities out there among the millions of stars. 

People have talked about what aliens would do if they made contact with us for over 150 years – since the subject was first brought up.

Views about aliens range from fear to hope. The fear they’ll invade earth and slaughter us all, or the hope that an intelligent and compassionate species would share their knowledge with us.

I’ve pondered what contact would mean and have come up with a scenario that would truly be ironic:

For eons Humans have used violence as sport, and the idea is probably not mutually exclusive to us.

If the Aliens descended from a predatory base species, the use of violence as a means of entertainment is likely.

In any case, Aliens might invade because they are just so advanced and they can do it just like elk hunters travel thousands of miles to kill one prize stag.

Think about it – earth’s most powerful predator hunted like a prize stag! I suppose it would be intergalactic karma…

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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