Tuesday, January 7, 2014

You want Silly? Enter the ‘Selfie Olympics’ and show you have Game

Good Day World!

Do you have game?

If you want to show the world you can take cool photos of yourself I have just the game for you.

The "Selfie Olympics." I put together this board on selfies if you want to find out what they are and why people do them.

  • What you will need to play in the Selfie Olympics: A room with a mirror (preferably the bathroom), a smartphone, some props and your imagination. What you will need to give up: Your dignity.
  • The goal: Create the most outrageous, elaborate selfie mankind has ever known, giving future generations a glimpse of the apogee of human progress.
  • The stakes: A chance at Internet fame. So none, basically.

Tag your photo #SelfieOlympics and you're ready to be judged by strangers on Twitter.

The best are compiled by The Selfie Game - changed from "Selfie Olympics.

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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