Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christie caught up in bridge scandal – says he was misled by staff member…yeah right!

The LIVE conference ended 10:00 PST - My apologies to those who got here after it was over. However, here’s a video link to the entire conference from start to finish.
 Good Day World!
In a post last November, I shared the stunning news that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was a Koch lover – as in the Koch Brothers, who proudly declared him “our kind of guy.”
This revelation almost made me sad, as I was starting to like the guy when he stood tall during the Hurricane Sandy disaster. Hearing he was beloved by the dark side, aka Koch Brothers, I categorized his relationship as “another power-mad moron who is willing to suck the Koch’s sagging teats!”   
Now, it seems Christie’s bid for a 2016 presidency took a direct hit when his administration was caught bullying a local political rival recently, not to mention the havoc they caused by closing off two bridge lanes for a so-called “traffic study.”

'Embarrassed and humiliated' Christie axes aide, apologizes for bridge scandal

The George Washington Bridge – the busiest in the world according to Port Authority officials – became Christie’s instrument of revenge in the midst of a re-election campaign. The action prompted massive traffic gridlock in the city on its first day of school. 
When the cat got out of the bag in December, Christie said he was previously unaware of apparent actions taken by his deputy chief of staff to orchestrate the controversial closure of local access lanes to the congested George Washington Bridge.
Video - Christie ex-aide ‘deserves an ass-kicking’
But revealing emails by Bridget Anne Kelly to Port Authority aide David Wildstein were made public by news organizations on Wednesday, and they contradict previous assurances by Christie that his administration was not involved in the lane closures, and that they were not politically-motivated.

Democrats have charged the closures were an attempt at political retribution for Mayor Mark Sokolich, a Democrat who declined to endorse Christie's re-election effort last year and whose city sits in the shadow of the bridge.
What happened was a scary example of the use of power gone astray. If Christie and his gang thought they could get away with it, what else were they capable of?
Christie’s animated denials of any knowledge of what happened is par for the course. He’s a politician, and most of them are wonderfully adept liars.
What’ll happen is Christie will fire everyone involved to show what a good, honest guy he is. His phony indignation at hearing the news of the smoking e-mails was as big as his famous gut.
Let’s just say he protests too much, and with his rapidly declining political swoon hard times call for tough decisions. Like closing bridges for political reasons.
Who wants to bet if there is a federal investigation into this mess Christie will be left standing…wobbling, but still standing?
Christie in 2016? I don’t think so, but the Koch Brothers might however.
Time for me to walk on down the road…

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