Monday, January 6, 2014

Craft Beer sales not threatened by new Pot Industry in Colorado

Colorado's legalization of marijuana may put it into competition with legal beer sales.

 Good Day World!

 It’s been six days now.

Colorado hasn’t degenerated into chaos after legalizing marijuana.

Opponents are impatiently waiting for any kind of negative incident that can be tied in with the groundbreaking weed legalization law.

You can almost see them lurking around street corners like ambulance-chasers, hoping for a pot-related disaster to strike.

On the internet, there’s already been a parody of people supposedly dying after smoking pot in Colorado by a prankster website. It took off into cyberspace with the help of the anti-legalization minions and was spun off as reality!

Facebook, and other social media sites, saw the story pop up like toxic mushrooms – “37 Pot smokers die the day weed is legal in Denver – and other equally moronic headlines. When cooler heads prevailed, the story was recognized as fake. A parody.

The question has risen – will pot sales threaten the craft beer industry in Colorado?

It’s hard to say if Bruce Banner #3 will ever become a legitimate threat to sales of Dale’s Pale Ale, or if Bubba Kush will one day smoke Yeti Espresso Stout at the cash register.

From everything I could gather, experts aren’t worried about pot sales hurting craft beer sales. Beer and liquor in general will always have the leg-up as long as public cannabis bars are forbidden. Pot may be legal, but it still doesn’t share the same level of social acceptance of beer.

You may have seen the governor and mayor stand up for photo opportunities with new breweries. It’s a pretty common sight. But alert watchers didn’t see either of those public luminaries go near a pot shop on the opening day of cannabis sales.

Marijuana and beer may someday be allowed in bars together for a true Rocky Mountain high. Can the era of Colorado pot connoisseurs and craft beers putting on festivals together be far off? Who knows? Let’s see how it goes.

Time for me o walk on down the road…

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