Wednesday, December 18, 2013

‘Two Degrees of Association’ - Pre-Crime Fighting Tactic Used in Chicago

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Some good news for city dwellers in Chicago. Murders are down 20% this year.

What’s caused this significant decrease in crime?

 Here’s what’s happened:

The Chicago Police Department committed to using the new science of social network analysis, the same tools that allow Silicon Valley to predict who you know and what you might like to buy.

Now they’re predicting where trouble will happen, before it happens, based upon a growing database of over 60 gangs and 600 factions. With information on the gang’s slang and locations, authorities are putting together a matrix to fight crime in Chicago.

But at what expense? What civil liberties are being violated? Both questions the ACLU is asking. Read about how the new crime fighting program came into existence and what it’s done thus far in 2013 here..

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