Monday, December 16, 2013

Girl shops until boyfriend goes crazy and jumps to his death!

China man kills self shopping mall 2013 12 09

Good Day World!

Generally men do not like shopping as much as women. Call my observation sexist if you must, but look at the statistics.

I can not go into a store and just wander around looking at things like a lost soul. I go in, find the item, or items, I already decided I wanted, and I’m out the door. Usually in good time.

My wife, whose insatiable curiosity of all things with a price tag on them, has no problem cruising slowly down aisles full of merchandize. She goes into a dreamy state as she considers her surroundings. Her shopping cart pulls her up and down every aisle in the store like a guide dog.

My sister makes my wife look like a piker. A shopping novice. She spends so much of her free time strolling through gigantic malls that she often forgets to eat! The term “shop until you drop” was coined by someone who watched my sister’s hourly marathons in malls.  

It’s hard for guys who have girlfriends, and wives, who love shopping more than sex! I’ve sat on many mall benches not-so-patiently waiting for my wife with other husbands and boyfriends. We make small talk, but every one of us is thinking, “Get me the hell out of here!”

I recently read about one poor guy who simply had enough of his girlfriend’s five-hour shopping spree. He threw himself over the balcony (photo) of a local mall after she wanted to go to one more shoe store, according to the local authorities.

I’m just surprised this doesn’t happen more often!

Time for me to walk on down the road…


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