Saturday, December 21, 2013

I’m back with some good news…


Good Day World!

After waking up with my vision so blurred I couldn’t see out of my left eye a couple of days ago, I found out what was wrong with it. The good news is my condition isn’t permanent.

Basically, for reasons that can be attributed to age, my left eye hemorrhaged and the resulting bleeding caused black ghosts and jelly-fish to frolic behind my eyeball!

I had to go to a doctor in White City, Oregon, who sent me to a specialist in Portland to discover this.

When the specialist in Portland said the blurred vision will go away in 4-6 weeks I was thrilled. Nothing serious. Often happens to people who receive a blow to the head or eye.

After my initial elation, I still had a tiny surprise in store.

You see, the doctor in White City didn’t just look at the offending eyeball, she discovered a hole in my right retina! She was responsible for getting me an immediate appointment to see Dr. Campbell, a retina specialist in Portland.

Before I knew it, Dr. Campbell did laser surgery on it and I walked out the door a happy man. I call it an early Christmas present. I treasure my eyesight and feel very blessed to have had such a positive ending to what could have been a miserable future.

One more thing, as a service-connected disabled veteran I didn’t have to worry about paying a big medical bill. Thank you Oregon VA.

I really want to thank both the White City VA and the Portland VA, for such quick and quality care. I really believe Oregon takes care of it’s veterans.

Merry Christmas to all of you…

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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