Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BREAKING: Fitch drops USA AAA credit rating–gridlock is the reason

It’s getting worse by the hour…

TREASURIES-U.S. bond prices hold losses on Fitch's watch on U.S. AAA-rating


U.S. AAA Rating Put on Negative Watch by Fitch on Delayed Budget

Stocks are closing lower as hopes fade for a quick solution to the gridlock in Washington over how to avoid a U.S. government default.

The borrowing limit on is two days away. Are we going to default?

The market jumped all over the places today in an on-again, off-again rumors of talks in Washington. Meanwhile, investors are wondering whether the U.S. could avoid defaulting on its debt.

We can only hope the GOP Kool aid drinkers in the House are defeated and common sense is restored. The Republican Party is poised for it’s darkest hour ever if we default on our debts!

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