Friday, October 18, 2013

Absurd & Sexy Halloween Costumes Compete with Creepy Ones

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Sexy squidThis Halloween, no inanimate object is safe from being transformed into a "sexy" costume.

Just add a miniskirt and a tight top and you can have a sexy corn, sexy pizza, or sexy bathtub ensemble.The Halloween industry is scary big. Total consumer spending on costumes, treats, festivities, and even pets is expected to reach $6.9 billion this year, according to a National Retail Federation forecast.

As the unusual costumes sell, it becomes a bit of an arms race for women to stay ahead of the next alluring flight attendant or wanton witch at a party.

Today, dressing up for Halloween is more about novelty or sexiness rather than horror.

But back in the day, the costumes not only skewed scary, but are now unintentionally frightening a few decades later.

No matter what look these people were going for, the costumes look way creepier today. Seriously -- your planned "zombie" costume with the make-up you bought at Party City looks like a pretty princess compared to some of the costumes out there.

Costumes were scarier back in the day. They just were. Back before Halloween was sexy, before it was owned by Disney, back before everyone realized you’ll still get candy no matter how little effort you put into your costume.

This is a way to be sure to win for best costume at your Halloween party! Check out these costumes that use your smartphone to make super life-like images! Creepy!.

Looking for cheap and easy costume ideas? Five bucks + five minutes = Halloween for real people

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