Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We call it Thanksgiving, Georgians call it Shemoedjamo, both celebrate eating massive quanities of food

          Good day Humboldt County!

  My wife and I were watching a series on obesity last night and how American eating habits are killing us slowly but steadily.

  It wasn’t a pretty picture by any means. Americans are pigs! We eat too much, and two-out-of-three are overweight or obese. Even our kids. What can be done? Americans love eating to the point they’re sacrificing future generations health.  

I was surprised to find there’s another country that celebrates gorging on food for fun just like us (Nod of the hat to Cracked). The European Georgians call the special holiday “Shemomedjamo” and it’s their version of our Thanksgiving. The word basically means: the act of eating to the point where your body says, "OK, we did it! We're all done now," and then muscling through another three steaks.

The only way to know if you're done eating on Thanksgiving is when physical pain gets involved. If you don't eat on Thanksgiving until it hurts to breathe, you're either a liar or a terrorist (you're welcome, FBI). In fact, many Americans celebrate Thanksgiving shemomedjamo every day, because they're so patriotic.

The literal translation for shemomedjamo is "I accidentally ate the whole thing," which is a charming way of saying "Oh my God, why isn't somebody stopping me?!"

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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