Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffee Lovers are Buzzing about the Good News – Drink Up, and Live Longer!

                           Good Day Humboldt County!

I had my first cup of coffee when I was a freshman in high school. Like most teenagers, I was ready to give anything a try. That included trying the bitter brew my parents loved (and still do).

It was considered an adult drink. I was in a hurry to be an adult, so drinking coffee with a couple of friends at a coffee shop before going to school was extremely cool thing to do. Oh yeah…and smoking cigarettes.

Everyone seemed to smoke back in those days. I’m glad I finally quit in 2000. But, I still drink coffee every morning. I NEED COFFEE every morning! MUST HAVE COFFEE before any decisions are made for the day…like getting dressed.

Over the years, I’ve heard some negative things about drinking coffee – which I willfully ignored – and decided that if I had to die anyway…then I’d do it with a cup of coffee in my hand. Too much caffeine be damned. Then I saw this article over a cup of steaming Joe this morning:

 “One of life's simple pleasures just got a little sweeter. After years of waffling research on coffee and health, even some fear that java might raise the risk of heart disease, a big study finds the opposite: Coffee drinkers are a little more likely to live longer. Regular or decaf doesn't matter.

The study of 400,000 people is the largest ever done on the issue, and the results should reassure any coffee lovers who think it's a guilty pleasure that may do harm. "Our study suggests that's really not the case," said lead researcher Neal Freedman of the National Cancer Institute. "There may actually be a modest benefit of coffee drinking." (Read the whole story here)

Time for me to walk on down the road…

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