Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mckinleyville Cash Mob visits first local business – more planned

                          UPDATE BELOW!

I love it! You have to hand it to the Lakey family – they organized the first of hopefully many more cash mobs to support our local business owners in Mack Town.

  I’m especially pleased that Mandy Lakey was inspired to organize cash mobs after reading my column on cash mobs -

 Cash mobs: Reprieves for struggling Mom & Pop businesses.

  It’s one thing to suggest something, and quit another to actually really do it. The Lakey’s are community minded-people that make Mack Town the great place it is to live. 

Megan and Evan, owners of McKinleyville Central Market, featured with Joshua Lakey, (top photo left) owner of the Silver Lining Resturant & Gift Shop at the McKinleyville Airport. Mckinleyville Central Market was the first business to be “mobbed.”

Do you want to know more about Mack Town’s Cash Mob program? Just go to Humboldt Cash Mob and find out how you can support our local business community.

In our tough economy it’s heartening to see people get together for a positive common goal. I love living here for a lot of reasons, and the people here are one of them.

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Mandy Lakey has straightened me out about who started the Cash Mob Movement in Humboldt – it was a gentleman named Seth Geddes. THANK YOU SETH! You can thank Seth too at: seth[at]citycardmovement[dot]org.



Mandala Lakey said...

Hi Dave! Yes! I was inspired by your article about cash mobs, but in no way can we take credit for the organization of the Humboldt County Cash Mob. This was organized by a great local guy named Seth, so please send your admiration his way! :-)

I can understand the origin of your misunderstanding as I did direct you to the site. Think of us as big supporters of the Cash Mobs!

Jugglerseth said...

Greetings Dave,

Seth Geddes here, organizer of the Humboldt Cash Mob. Just wanted you to get my last name for your article. Thanks for supporting the cash mobs so enthusiastically! Feel free to contact me at