Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Women of America: Serve your country and expect to get raped

Back in my day, I’m a Vietnam veteran, men and women in the armed forces were separated (with a few exceptions made for secretarial pools). There was the men’s barracks, and there was the women’s barracks. Both verboten to step into unless you were the right sex.

  I can clearly remember that most of the guys were young, like myself, and so full of testosterone that we were always thinking about women and how much we wanted to be with them. We were like a pack of dogs when a WAC walked by…barking and preening.

Each trying to outdo the other’s wolf whistle. It was clear to the military community at the time that mixing the sexes was a bad idea, and would lead to problems. How could they expect those pumped up GI’s or Marines to act like gentleman?

There’s a pack factor in the military. If one person does something – let’s say something questionable – the pack closes around them in a united front. It’s been that way since the first military unit was formed back in the dawn of history.

But something happened in the name of political correctness, and men and women in the military were suddenly working side-by-side. Living in the same dormitories. Training together. Going into combat areas together. Some idealist thought that the men’s basic instincts could be controlled and they would universally respect the women they were serving with.

The reality is reflected in the headlines today: 1) Lawsuit claims rape, misconduct at D.C. Marine Barracks

2) Sexual Assaults on Female Soldiers: Don't Ask, Don't Tell 

3) 1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

4.) Rape in the US military: America's dirty little secret

I think it’s a shame what’s happening to these women. If asked, back in the day, if I thought men and women could work closely together in the military without problems, I would have raised one eyebrow and said, “Hell No! Are your crazy?”

The military brings out the savage side in men. It’s part of the macho society in uniform. The younger men especially view women (in or out of uniform) as sex objects there for the taking. Unless you’ve been in the military, you can’t understand what I’m talking about.

I’m not saying those macho, testosterone-packed men are right, and it’s just a matter of “boys will be boys.” I am saying the clowns who thought this Co-Ed military thing would work were wrong. The proof is in the headlines. Call me old-fashioned, but I have the common sense to know when something won’t work.

This is just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. If you agree, or disagree with me, I would like to hear what you think? Should we go back to separating the sexes, with exceptions? 


Jeff Burkhart said...

David I used the same argument to keep my younger daughter from joining both the military and the peace corps. The government glorifies this service but when these rapes occur they're swept under the carpet. Then they deflect blame back accusing the women of being complicit in their assaults. Many times the women are coerced into just keeping quiet. Just imagine what would happen if Retro Rick became president; he wouldn't even let them have the morning after pill.

old school friend said...

How right on your thoughts on this are! Like yourself I was also in the military as a young man and reading this brought back many memories. All branches of the service basically have the same MO...break you down physically and mentally and rebuild you as a component for the whole. Pack mentality? Definitely! When serving overseas during times of conflict primordial instincts rule the day..some good, some bad. Of course the military machine recognized this and as you said always separated the sexes...
Until we as humankind evolve, military and conflict will always be with us...It is sad when political correctness over rules commonsense. Just ask the victims.

Unknown said...

I am less concerned about political correctness as I am about inflecting my age related ideas and prejudices on todays thinking and mores. That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with the unsoundness of having women in combat. I doubt if I can find the words to express my feelings and instincts on this subject except to say that the whole climate of war/combat is totally unpredictable and it is unreasonable to expect 2 standards of behavior from men in this type of situation.

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