Friday, March 9, 2012

Washington Profile: McNugget almost strikes gold for eBay seller

Chicken McNugget resembling George Washington

It use to be profiles of Jesus. People were constantly seeing Jesus Christ’s face in trees and pancakes. While in Palm Desert, managing a group of five newspapers in 1991, I sent out a photographer to a trailer court where residents excitedly pointed at a tree.

My photographer looked…and looked, and finally had to admit he couldn’t see the son of God’s face anywhere. Irritated residents stood next to the image and pointed at something. My photographer dutifully snapped the photo, made nice with the folks, and reported back to me.

There was nothing to see. I don’t know if those residents were drinking spiked Kool aid or what. Naturally, I didn’t run the photo to the resident’s disgust. But no one was making money off of Jesus’s image. At least not that I knew of.

Along the same lines, I ran across the following tidbit and thought it might be fun to share with you:  

A Chicken McNugget bearing a striking resemblance to founding father George Washington has been causing quite a stir on eBay. It was listed for $8,000 and had takers!

Turns out the first winning bidder “chickened out” and the second-highest bidder, who had bid $8,000 might fall through as well. The bidder lives overseas. The seller, Rebekah Speight of Dakota City, Neb., told a local newspaper that she is concerned that the McNugget might not remain frozen for the duration of such a long trip, and could start to deteriorate.

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