Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodies at the Movies: Man sues theatre over the cost of snacks

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The road to entertaining ourselves can often be an expensive trip. I remember going to inside theatres when I was young, and the price of snacks didn’t seem as outrageous as today.

Nowadays, I seldom go to the movies, as I  prefer to rent them when they come out. The last time I did go, taking three grandchildren with me, was a wallet shocking experience!

  The thing of it is, the movies can charge whatever they want for snacks, even if it’s three times higher than anywhere else. Free enterprise baby. That’s okay. Moviegoers don’t have to pay if they think the price is too high. But, let’s face it, movie theatre owner’s gamble on the fact they have a captive audience that is hungry from the moment of the opening scene.

I have to admit I never thought of suing the theatres for their high price goodies. I’m just not the type of guy who goes around suing people. However, one man from Livonia, Michigan, has decided to make a court case out of it:

News snippet:

“Who hasn't stood in front of a movie theater concession stand and been stunned by the prices of snacks and drinks? $5 for a bottled water? $8 for a bag of popcorn? $4 for a box of M&Ms? If regular moviegoers haven't smuggled in their own snacks, they've almost certainly thought about it.

Joshua Thompson of Livonia, Mich., actually did something about it. He filled a class action suit against his local AMC Theater protesting the snack overpricing, the Detroit Free Press reported.”

Time for me to walk on down the road….

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