Thursday, January 20, 2011

Optical illusions: perceptions biased by motivational state

optical illusions art

“The organizational mechanisms of vision are best demonstrated by illusions. Illusions illustrate that perception is a creative construction that the brain makes in interpreting visual data ....Learning does not prevent us from being taken in by these illusions.”

- Eric Kandel

We do not see the world as it really is; perception is always biased by the perceiver's motivational state. Individuals with Mood Disorders and Addictive Disorders are continually taken in by this soul illusion and so continue to act counter to their interests.

The images below - while limited to the visual modality - illustrate that perception is an active construction of the mind rather than a valid representation of objective reality.

optical illusions man

There are 9 figures embedded in the illustration on the right. 

optical illusions mermaid

Absents of the Mermaid Art by Octavio Ocampo  GO HERE to learn more about optical illusions

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