Tuesday, October 12, 2010

U.S. failure to retaliate for USS Cole attack rankled then — and now

Image: Bombing of the USS Cole

Declassified docs show U.S. officials urged Clinton, Bush to strike al-Qaida

The US government failed to go after Bin Laden when they knew (almost immediately) that his followers were responsible for the attack on the USS Cole.

Two presidents let the ball drop and the next terrorist attack (perhaps emboldened by their success with the Cole) was 9/11. If our top leaders would have listened to their security sources, and Yemen officials who captured two of the terrorists, we would have struck the al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan right after the Cole attack. But no.

Instead, President Clinton, and Bush, spewed plenty of patriotic rhetoric and then did absolutely nothing after the Cole attack. Zero. Nada. Both presidents claim they didn’t have surefire evidence of who attacked the Cole. This claim is bullshit, as the released documents show in this article. Was the fate of the 9/11 victims assured because of this terrorist success? You have to wonder.

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