Thursday, October 14, 2010

This little girl is already an accomplished artist at eight-years old

I first saw Autumn a year ago on TV when her paintings started selling big time. She’s truly an amazing, unique, and natural artist. Some people are born with this kind of talent…but not many. She’s unique in her vision and application. No formal training. At five years-old, she asked her Dad if she could have painting supplies and immediately turned out masterpieces!

I imagine her parents are proud of her talent. Dad owns an art gallery, and the family home is covered with paintings by the masters. Autumn grew up looking at those great paintings, so it’s fair to say early influence had a lot to do with her interest in painting. If you’re an art collector you might want to purchase one of her paintings now, they go for about $20,000 each. Years from now, that purchase is bound to increase in value.


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