Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mid term elections draw near as candidates circus continues


The Merry Game of politics, so much like circuses, is really about entertainment. Don’t let the hollow rhetoric you hear detract from how amusing our clown-like candidates are. Meg and Jerry are both In search of a game-changer in California and the GOP groups plan $50 million advertising drive 

Then we have clowns garnering our support Candidates go from rich to regular, with a little help or warnings like Keeping an eye on South Carolina , or predictions like Poll: Republicans likely to take House, or how desperate the Democrats are when The first lady hits the stump to get voter turnout.


Meanwhile, Across the U.S., long recovery looks like recession No wonder Americans are pessimistic and unhappy ... We are entering a period of austerity

We might as well enjoy the antics of our would-be public servants. For example, how about  Christine O'Donnell - Delaware Candidate for the Senate? Witchcraft…hmmmmmm. That’s special. I hear she’s just like you and me (sans practicing witchcraft and being against masturbation).


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