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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trump Sends Stark Message To Congress and Americans: 'Either I get What I Want, Or Working Poor Pay The Price'

Good Day World!

It's bribery. 

As Americans watch helplessly, their first illegitimate president is threatening to suspend crucial subsidies in Obamacare for the working poor if he doesn't get what he wants.

That means if he can't get the funding for his infamous wall, more immigration officers, and defense, Donny Little Hands will take his ball and go home.

Without those subsidies thousands of families won't be able to see a doctor, fill a prescription, or go to the hospital.

 But that doesn't mean shit to Dump whose motto is, "My way, or the highway."

By taking the cost-sharing subsidies hostage, Chump is threatening millions of Americans to achieve his hateful agenda.

It's simple: either obey the law, or repeal it. 

We saw how the House appeal process went...straight down the toilet. 

So Congress decided to ignore the current law, declining to appropriate money specifically for cost-sharing subsidies.

All of which dovetails nicely into Hump's agenda and threats to get his way. 

We must not lose sight of those Congressman willing to go to the gates of hell with their master. And when the time comes to vote hold them accountable.

This is just another stark message for those who voted for him, and even for those who didn't. Our Narcissistic President is willing to do anything - let me repeat that...anything, to get his way.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Truth and Trump: Like Water and Oil The Two Don't Mix

                                          Good Day World!

If you think President Chump has trouble sleeping because he constantly lies about things...you better think again.

Rump is pushing 71-years old, and there's no way to teach this old dog new tricks. Just follow the dots since his daddy gave him a "small stake" of $1 million dollars to get started in business.

Hump has been caught lying so many times over the years in real estate scams (3500 lawsuits) that there is a mountain of evidence to be found in newspaper and magazine articles over the past five decades.

One of his most famous lies - Obama wasn't born in the US - opened the door to his presidency by getting Obama-haters, and alt-right groups to support him.

In an excellent four-piece series the LA Times looks at the four most serious things to worry about when talking about our Liar-In-Chief.

From the article:

Donald Trump's utter lack of regard for truth. 

"Whether it is the easily disprovable boasts about the size of his inauguration crowd or his unsubstantiated assertion that Barack Obama bugged Trump Tower, the new president regularly muddies the waters of fact and fiction. 

It’s difficult to know whether he actually can’t distinguish the real from the unreal — or whether he intentionally conflates the two to befuddle voters, deflect criticism and undermine the very idea of objective truth. 

Whatever the explanation, he is encouraging Americans to reject facts, to disrespect science, documents, nonpartisanship and the mainstream media — and instead to simply take positions on the basis of ideology and preconceived notions.

 This is a recipe for a divided country in which differences grow deeper and rational compromise becomes impossible."

It's pretty bad when you have to fact-check everything the president of the United States says. But, it's our reality as long as Stump sits in the Oval Office.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Success! Trump's Long Courtship With China's Economy Pays Off

Good Day World!

Trump has cast covetous eyes on China for  a long time.

He's pursued the Chinese economic market like an illicit lover sneaking around trying to meet with a married woman.

If you followed his harsh rhetoric against China during the presidential campaign you may be surprised at just how cozy Chump has really been with Chinese businessmen.

For starters, Dump still owes China hundreds of millions in debt to one massive, state run Chinese Bank. 

Meanwhile he's leasing a floor of Trump Tower office space in Manhattan to another Chinese bank. That lease ends October 2019.

Dump has repeatedly tried to land big real estate deals in China with state-run Chinese companies as partners. 

He's sought access to China's famously tricky business markets - even for his reality show, The Apprentice

In 2015, Hump had to ditch a deal with China when his Beijing real estate partner was probed for corruption. 

It's no secret that China has been producing Stump products for years, from ties to Chinese steel.

The Golden Doors to China's economy opened wide for Lump after he got elected. After years of battles he was suddenly granted 72 Chinese Trademarks.

On the campaign trail Rump accused China of manipulating currencies and stealing American jobs. Now he says China is NOT manipulating currency and is a good trade partner.

Trump's daughter, in keeping with her father's tactics, was granted Trademarks for her fashion lines the day the Chinese president Xi had dinner with the Trump clan at his private property, Mar-A-Lago.

It appears that Bump's hope for a business relationship with Russia has been dashed (at least temporarily) after his bromance with Putin came to an abrupt end due to the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles at their Syrian allies airbase.

Make no mistake, Donny Little Hands brand comes first. The American people come in a distant second. 

At what point are Republicans going to hold our Orange Mussolini responsible for his corrupt dealings with other countries?

Perhaps when the investigations about his connections to Russian businesses - and election interference - come to light.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Energy Secretary Perry Facing Felony Abuse of Power Trial

Good Day World!

This is getting monotonous.

Another Trump appointee in trouble. This time it's Trump's new Energy Secretary, Rick Perry for being a bully.

He's accused of two felonies: Coercion and Threatening to veto funding to the state's public integrity unit.

What is it with Chump's appointees? 

Michael Flynn had to be fired and is under senate investigation for colluding with the Russian government while serving as Trump's advisor during the election.

Hump really scrapped the barrel to get this current collection of corrupt baboons. Perry is a prime example of a morally corrupt and politically entitled conservative willing to kiss Rump's ass for any position of power.

You may recall Perry saying that he wanted to get rid of the Department of Energy when he was a presidential candidate.

You may also remember his famous answer when asked to name three governmental agencies he'd get rid of if elected.

"Commerce, Education, and the … what's the third one there? Let's see."

Then he stumbled. 

He couldn’t recall the third

When coaxed by other candidates and the moderator — did he mean the Environmental Protection Agency, maybe? — he drew a blank. “Sorry,” he said as he grinned sheepishly at the cameras. “Oops.”

Yeah. Oops.

In a stunning display of gall and divorce from reality, Perry is planning on running for the presidency a second time.

After being booked for two felony counts yesterday, Perry left the Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas, smiling with confidence. 

When asked by a reporter if he thought this trial would hurt his presidential ambitions Perry laughed, calling it an "outrageous assault on the rule of law" and a "political attack." 

If convicted, Perry faces a 109-year sentence. Judicial experts are divided over the merits of the case. It could go either way.

You know what's really scary?

Right now we have an energy secretary running around the country on behalf of his corrupt oil buddies, and not the American people.

Now, I'm waiting for Trump to tweet about his minion's plight.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Science Takes a Stand Against Trump: Saturday March Set To Save Environment And Refute Lies

                                           Good Day World!

When was the last time you saw a mass gathering of scientists marching against a president's anti-environmental agenda?

The answer is never. Hasn't happened. But it's going to happen on Saturday, which also happens to be Earth Day.
Washington DC’s national mall will be besieged with a collection of marine biologists, birdwatchers, climate researchers and others enraged by what they see as an assault by Chump’s administration upon evidence-based thinking and scientists themselves.

The march is a visceral response to a presidency that has set about the evisceration of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many of its science-based rules, the dismissal of basic climate change tenets by the president and his appointees and a proposed budget that would remove around $7 billion from science programs, ranging from cancer research to oceanography to Nasa’s monitoring of the Earth.

The organizers know the march won't change Hump's little mind, and he'll undoubtedly send out angry (butt hurt) tweets about it.

The organizers know that by having the march on Earth Day it'll play into conservative and climate skeptic thinking that scientists are just environmentalists.

They don't care. The need to speak up and take a stand is attracting what will likely be the largest protest by scientist advocates in our history.

For the record, the march will dovetail with the People’s Climate March, which will take place a week later.

Science skeptics, and morons like Donny Little Hands, look at how technology has automated some jobs (thus eliminating the need for humans) and the growing mountain of facts that have led to restrictions on polluting industries, with disdain.

What happened is Lump tapped into this simmering distrust and exploited it politically with numerous false narratives. 

The challenge is going to be met by this unique protest march. That will help some people let off steam...but will leave the Trumpazees unfazed.

Facts don't mean squat to them.

The only way scientists are going to change minds is by educating the public on the benefits of their research, instead of listening to political hacks claim the earth is flat.

Academia needs to emerge from the labs and to connect with Americans in a more personal way. Talk shows, social media, and other forms of reaching people need to be targeted.

The only way to change the skeptic narrative is by gaining the trust of concerned Americans by going among them and sharing how they will benefit with sound environmental policies.

It's time to come down from the Ivory Towers of Academia and to engage people at ground level, where they live. Marching is a start.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tax Day Tribulations: Will Someone Please Level The Playing Field?

Good Day World!

It's that time of year again when we have to appease the God of Taxes.

Remember, by tithing your earnings to the Tax God he will provide you with a lot of basic services.

At least in theory. It really comes down to the minions who are collecting our donations where the money actually goes.

Tax minions have no morals. Let's get that out of the way right now. 

They have a nasty habit of favoring the wealthy and burdening the middle class. Lobbyist parasites bribe the tax minions who take their direction from their masters up the governmental chain.

The wealthy often don't even pay taxes. Like our first illegitimate president Donny Little Hands for example.

We all know the tax code is unfair and far too complicated. There must be a better system where everyone pays their fair share.

Here's two alternatives to consider:

Progressive taxation and a Flat tax

Progressive tax systems have tiered tax rates that charge higher income individuals higher percentages of their income and offer the lowest rates to those with the lowest incomes.
With the Flat tax they generally assign one tax rate to all taxpayers. No one pays more or less than anyone else under a flat tax system.

Both methods have their merits. The current taxation rate we're currently laboring under is not fair to the majority of Americans.

All I'm asking for is a level playing field.

Oh yea! And... I sure would like to see Chump's tax returns.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, April 17, 2017

No Donny...You aren't Immune From The Law, No Matter What You Think

Good Day World!

Apparently when Trump got elected he thought that would give him a free pass on all the lawsuits filed against him.

Imagine his shock when he found out he had to defend himself in a new federal lawsuit for inciting violence. Mind you, there are about 75 other lawsuits that he also has to contend with at some point in his [presidency.

This recent lawsuit is about inciting his supporters to hurt protesters. And as we all know, Chump hates protesters. In his tiny mind there is no legitimate protester - they're all paid flunkies of his opposition.

That point was driven home this last weekend when hundreds of thousands of Americans protested Hump's refusal to share his tax returns, in 150 cities.

His response to this nationwide protest was to call for an investigation of the protesters. 

Typical Lump. And of course he had to tweet his displeasure:

"Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over!"

The demonstrations came on the date taxpayers traditionally have to file their returns (April 15th) by, and just days before, this year’s filing deadline tomorrow.

I'm beginning to think someone (Bannon?) convinced Don The Con that if he became president the laws of the country wouldn't apply to him. 

There's always the possibility that the idea of total immunity just sprang forth from his warped vision of reality like an evil epiphany.

The harsh reality is, No Donny, you aren't immune from the law, no matter what you think.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Putter-In-Chief Plays Golf As The Nation Calls For His Tax Returns

Good Day World!

Yesterday the Trump motorcade managed to avoid several hundred protesters (demanding to see his tax returns).

The TrumpMobile had to take a snake route back to his Palm Beach estate, Mar-A-Lago, after a leisure day of golfing at his golf course.

The French Queen Maria Antoinette infamously suggested that the starving public could eat cake if they didn't have any bread. 

Trump's response to releasing his tax returns is similar in that he could care less what the public wants. 

Americans in 150 cities marched in protest because Chump won't share his tax returns. He's claimed that he can't because he's under an audit but the IRS says that's bullshit!

He can share his returns at any time, audit or no audit, the IRS countered. 

Then when he got elected he announced that Americans didn't want to see his tax returns. That they weren't interested in them, just their own.

There was one problem with that statement; over two-thirds of the American public would very much like to see his tax returns.

I think a nationwide protest is a big clue.

The Washington, D.C., march began with a rally at the U.S. Capitol, where Sen. Ron Wyden called on Trump to ‘knock off the secrecy.” 

What is Rump hiding? His minions have managed to block most of the efforts - like getting the Ways and Means Committee involved - to force him to show them.

Thus far Lump has managed to change the dialogue everytime it comes up by telling some sensational lie to divert the public.

Yesterday's Tax March won't be a one-off. Too many people are concerned. There will be more protests. It's just a matter of time before Republicans have to grow a pair and allow an investigation to proceed.

When that day comes, Stump will probably be playing golf and entertaining his billionaire buddies on the taxpayer's dime.

Trump Calls For Investigation Into Tax Day Protesters, Tweets The Election Is Over

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Days Of Overkill Revisited: Taxpayers Fund Costly 'David and Goliath' Wars

Good Day World!

As a Vietnam veteran, I can vividly recall watching jets and helicopters attack lightly armed VC, NVA, and unarmed innocent civilians.

It was a David and Goliath conflict. 

We carpet bombed Northern Vietnam with more bombs than we dropped in all of WW II in an attempt to defeat our low tech enemy.

I've seen massive fire support called in for a single sniper. Despite these overkill methods we arguably lost the war. The cost to the American taxpayer was staggering.

After dropping the largest conventional bomb in our arsenal recently - the MOAB - in Afghanistan, the clock was turned back to Vietnam, and the days of overkill.

The $16 million massive 21,000 pound MOAB, killed 36 jihadis in Nangarhar province. 

Latest info: MOAM Death Toll up to 96 jihadis

Crunched down – and in the most cold-blooded terms – that means the US military killed 96 Isis members at a cost of almost $150,000 per individual.

Here's the thing that gets me; the MOAB is a costly white elephant that we developed years ago and never used. Twenty of them were built back when we were at war with Saddam Hussein.

Why trot it out now?

After dropping it on lightly armed ISIS fighters in a crude tunnel system the results reaffirmed what the military probably already knew: The Mother Of All Bombs was a massive disappointment.

Did Donny Little Hands discover it was in our arsenal one day and get the urge to drop a bigly bomb? It's possible.

Or, did Chump's generals take it upon themselves to make a political statement of some sort? 

Regardless of why the MOAB was dropped, it was an affirmation of our failed strategy in Vietnam. Apparently people in the right places don't know our military history very well.

Or, they just don't give a damn as long as the taxpayers continue to fund the military industrial complex's indulgences.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, April 14, 2017

British Make Up For Burning Down White House in 1814 By Alerting US To Trump Teams Russian Connections

Good Day World!

In 2015, American intelligence agencies - the CIA and FBI - got a message one day from their British counterparts: 

The message was: "Watch out. There’s something not right here."

World shaking information accompanied that warning. The British had accumulated information regarding "interactions between people connected to the Trump campaign and known or suspected Russian agents."

The Guardian reported this intelligence was initially passed on to the US as part of a routine exchange of information. 

The British continued to gather information on contacts between Trumps inner circle and Russia until the summer of 2016.

Their sources - Germany, Estonia, Poland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, passed on electronic intelligence that was tied to Trump's minions consorting with Russia, according to an article in The Guardian (4-13-17).

There's no doubt that Britain's spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between Trump's camp and Russia.  

Some argue that the British are the principal whistleblower in this slowly unraveling scandal.

When then-British spy chief, Robert Hannigan, gave CIA chief, John Brennan all the information it was deemed so sensitive it was handled at "directors level."

Brennan sat on the material for awhile before finally launching a major inter-agency investigation. 

European allies were supplying the US with information about people close to Trump meeting with Russians in Britain, the Netherlands and in other counties, according to a report from the New York Times.

It's been a long slow process trying to tie up all the loose ends to this scandal, but we're seeing signs of progress almost daily.

The latest is the ongoing investigation of Trump supporter, and foreign relations consultant, Carter Page and his relationship with the Russians.

We're seeing players like Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn, getting grilled by government investigators over their contacts with Russia during the presidential campaign.

Despite Trump's efforts to change the conversation by making sensationally baseless accusations this is one story that's going to be hovering over his toupee like a black cloud threatening to burst into rain at any moment.

Why American intelligence agencies took so long to act after accumulating mounds of evidence from all over the world, is another question we should ask.

If it was a political determination by some players in our spy agencies they need to be exposed. Who did, and said, what?

In closing, I want to thank the British for being the spark that spurred this investigation. They owed us one after burning down the White House in 1814!

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Three Stooges Threaten To Start World War III

Good Day World!

Looks like the bromance between Putin and Chump has hit a rocky stretch - but that doesn't mean they're breaking up just yet.

Remember. Their courtship got Dump elected. 

You'll know when the honeymoon is really over after the nukes are launched.

Both thin-skinned leaders are busy fighting over Russia's puppet state Syria.

Ivanka Trump got her daddy to totally reverse his Middle Eastern policy last week and he launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase.

In response, Russia has been squalling like a half-boiled cat that the U.S. broke international rules.  

Not to be left out, North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un, is so worked up with Trump's decision to send an "armada" to confront him, he's flat out declared he's ready for a nuke fest.

To the world's dismay these three stooges, Jong-un, Putin, and Trump, have brought us to the brink of a nuclear holocaust.

No one knows what Trump will do next (not even him). 

He's the most thin-skinned of this trio of idiots. Although I must say Jong-un is a close second.

Putin is pissed at local memes popping up suggesting he's a gay clown, so he made a law that bans people from depicting him as one.

With Hump's sudden belligerent attitude toward him, Putin is in a constant state of being pissed off now. That will only last so long before he cracks.

What really surprises me is that China's leader, Xi Jinping, appears to be the only adult among these world powers. His government is trying to cool Donny Little Hands down.

One of the biggest fears of anti-Trump Americans during the presidential election was seeing Don The Con's stubby finger push the nuke button.

Stump's supporters chose to believe in fake news from Russian hackers, despite all the evidence that showed he was a corrupt businessman, a conspiracy clown who follows InfoWars and Breitbart, a world class liar, and a racist.

Which brings us to today.

The specter of a North Korean missiles hitting the United States' West Coast has appeared; even though our military experts claim North Korea has a couple of years to go before that's a possibility.

This might be a good time for people worldwide to make their peace with whatever God they worship. I'm just saying...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

AI vs Trump: What Would Happen If The President Took On Lengpudashi?

Good Day World!

Where will it end?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is surpassing human intelligence in test after test.

We've been getting upstaged for decades. 

To trace the origins of AI's progress you have to go back to Deep Blue, a supercomputer that's whipped every chess master in the world since 1989.

Since then AI has been successful at understanding human speech, competing at other high level strategic game systems like Poker, self-driving cars, and interpreting complex data.

Poker will never be the same now that AI has conquered four of the world's best poker pros last January. The new player in town is called Lengpudashi, an artificial intelligence program.

That got me thinking about putting Trump up against Lengpudashi. After all, he's a disruptor. Lies, bluffs, and cheating have made him rich.

Even though Lengpudashi understands the concept of bluffing - not by mimicking successful poker players, but from game theory - I can't help wondering if Stump would present a new challenge.

Quick. Name a more successful con man than Donny. Ain't going to happen. He bluffed his way to the presidency. His lies are blatant bluffs meant to distract from reality.

AI is all about reality and logic. Still, I doubt if there's a successful algorithm available to deal with Chump. 

As far as I can tell, Lengpudashi's programmers didn't consider cheating as part of it's arsenal. Cheat is Rump's middle name.

After three wives he's perfected the art. Trust me, if there's a way to cheat the program Donny Little Hands will find it. And, if he does lose, that won't be the end of it.

Hump will tweet to the world that not only did the program cheat him, he'll claim it's programmers voted for Hillary Clinton!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When Education Secretary DeVos Visits Schools She Brings Along 24 Marshal's at the Cost of $1 Million a Month

Good Day World!

Question: Since when has the Secretary for Education become a high risk job?

Answer: Since Trump appointed Betsy DeVos to the position.

There were a lot of unhappy parents who knew she didn't care about public schools, and that she bought her position with a $10 million donation to Trump's campaign. 

What no one knew was the cost of her nomination victory would be a million dollars a month (you heard that right) from a department that's facing cutbacks of up to $9 billion dollars!

I'll bet you're curious what triggered this unusual need for protection from the U.S. Marshall's office. I was. 

Normally law enforcement officers are responsible for protecting federal judges, transporting prisoners, investigating fugitives, and protecting witnesses. 

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, a handful of protesters blocked her from entering a Washington middle school.

Those angry parents must have been a terrifying sight because the usual civil servants aren't going to be enough to protect her.

It takes 24 marshal's to do that job now thanks to her stance on charter schools and special education causing protesters to show up at every school she visits.

DeVos will be under the marshal's office protection through September, but - being such a popular pick - she may have to use them for the duration of her term.

Looks like one of DeVos' first budgetary challenges is figuring out how the Department of Education is going to come up with a million dollars a month for her security.

That's not what you'd call a normal expense. But these aren't normal times. Or nominees.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, April 10, 2017

Trump's Foreign Policy: 'I'm Not Going To Tell You What's Coming Next'

                                             Good Day World!

Trump's unpredictable behavior in his first 13 weeks of office has carried over to America's new foreign policy of...wait for it...

"I'm not going to tell you what's coming next."

This policy is disconcerting to other countries. It's also disconcerting to Americans who are trying to adjust to Chump's erratic tweets, public rants, and "yuge" lies.

Americans aren't comfortable with Hump who hasn't shared his vision of how we are going to handle the Middle East  crisis going forward after launching 59 missiles that struck a Syrian airbase.

What's the next step?

Here's where it starts to get scary. Lump has no plan after his bold and impulsive move ratcheted up the stakes between the U.S. and Russia in Syria.

His generals have no marching orders to follow. His inner circle is divided between getting out of Syria or continuing with the status quo.

Congress is nervously wondering if Bump is going to lead them into a nasty little war.

Right now, American's yearn for some reassurance that Donny Little Hands isn't going to set off a serious of events in the Middle East that results in World War III.

It's not a good feeling knowing that the six-year old side of Dump likes to blow things up and pretend he's a soldier. 

After repeatedly dodging the draft he's now living his dream as the Commander-In-Chief - oh boy! A chance to show he wears big boy pants ... 

and a great opportunity to play with the most powerful weaponized country on the planet.

This Trumpian foreign policy of not sharing his worldwide intentions with the American people, Congress, and his own generals, is leading us all down a very dark path.

Time for me to walk on down the road...