Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Study Says North Carolina Not A Functioning Democracy

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Andrew Reynolds, who has monitored elections across the world, recently exposed what's happening in North Carolina, and it's not pretty.

In 2012, Reynolds, and his Danish co-worker, Jorgen Elklit, developed a road map for evaluating democracies throughout the world.

They called it the Electoral Integrity Project (EIP). Since then they have evaluated 213 elections in 153 countries. 

Reynolds, born in North Carolina, was surprised to see the most recent report released by the EIP stating, "The state can no longer be considered a fully functioning democracy."

In the report, North Carolina's overall electoral integrity score of 58/100 placed it alongside authoritarian and pseudo-democracies like Cuba, Sierra Leone, and Indonesia.

The state did so bad on legal framework and voter registration that it ranked with Iran and Venezuela! 

Here's the kicker, not only is North Carolina the worst state in America for unfair districting, but the worse entity in the world ever analyzed by the EIP.


The report concluded that the local government has become arbitrary and detached from popular will, and that the GOP is guilty of ignoring democratic principals in voter registration, poll culling, gerrymandering and all of the other methods of ensuring electoral results in their own favor.

The Republican party was well on it's way to eliminating fair elections before Trump slithered into office. His presidency however, has been a boon for the alt-right and corrupt Republicans.

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