Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Year-End Review: The Liar-In-Chief's Attacks Against the American Way

2017 Was A Year of Bromance Between Trump and Putin

                                     Good Day World!

All hail the Liar-In-Chief!

This year we were confronted with a president who has the most extensively proven track record of lying in presidential history. 

The White House keeps claiming Trump is not a liar. That's a lie. You wanna know why?

PolitiFact found that only 17% of Trump’s statements are true.

The New Times documented Trump's Lies. 

The Washington Post also cobbled together a list of 1381 lies in 263 days of Trump's presidency.

I could go on, but why bother?

If you ever heard Trump make a speech that wasn't laced with lies, please share it with me. If you've watched TV and saw Trump speaking, you know he lies.

For the White House to stand in front of the country and defend Trump’s honesty, it demonstrates that no one working at the White House has a single shred of credibility.

Trump has done his best to discredit our entire intelligence network, repeatedly asserting the FBI is "in tatters."

Few people were fooled by his reasoning for attacking our intelligence agencies and judicial system. Trump fears his corrupt regime will be exposed and he'll be impeached, or worse.

Trump did manage to inflict a big tax scam upon the middle class before the year ended. He happily toasted his wealthy guests at Mar-A-Lago after signing the bill and said, "I just made you all wealthier!"

For the sake of space I won't go into detail on the rest of his democracy destroying agenda. Just a few dishonorable mentions:

Trump's war on Muslims intensified. 

Trump's war on immigrants to the USA have intensified.

Trump's acceptance of the alt-right has further divided America.

Trump's attitude towards women and sexual harassment is just another scar on a society where women are seeking to be treated equally.

Trump gutted the EPA.

Trump's mistreatment of the truth, introducing his own alternative realities, and calling our free press "Fake News" has further deteriorated the morale of a majority of Americans.

That's pretty scary for just one year. Let's hope that next year we'll see justice prevail and Donny run out of Washington on a rail! 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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