Saturday, July 28, 2018

Trump, Spontaneous Combustion and Fiery Rhetoric

Good Day World!

I'm waiting for Trump to spontaneously combust any day now. 

His "pants-on-fire" moments have become so common that the rest of his corpulent body could break out in a fiery inferno of rhetoric any moment.

His bad habit of setting fire to nearly every norm in government and social discourse in this country has scorched our society like an uncontrolled wildfire.

His ability to burn nearly every treaty we had with other countries (endangering our national security along the way) has been nothing short of stunning.

His hot bromances with Putin, Xi, and Kim show he's ready to pour napalm on human rights, personal freedoms, and the free press. 

As I watch half of our country burning up in real time fires, I can't help feeling we're all experiencing a taste of hell on earth right now.

The thing is, while the fires in the west are devastating, at least they'll be out (hopefully) in the near future.

I wish I could say the same for Trump. We're stuck with his orange ass until 2020...unless, he's impeached for being a fire starter before then! 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, July 27, 2018

One Tweet Too Far? Mueller's Looking At Trump Tweets in Inquiry

                                            Good Day World!

Live by the tweet, die by the tweet.

Special Counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, is scrutinizing tweets and negative statements from Trump about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the former FBI director James Comey, according to a New York Times article.

Mueller wants to ask about a wide range of presidential actions including; misleading White House statements, public attacks against people, and possible pardon offers to potential witnesses in the Russia investigation.

You can feel the screws tighten, even as some members of the House do everything they can to stop the investigation. The Freedom Caucus slime balls have gathered 11 members and are trying to impeach Rod Rosenstein to derail the investigation.

Luckily, other GOP members don't feel agree and are saying there's nothing to impeach Rosenstein on. They point out Trump appointed him. They also are willing to wait for the results of Mueller's investigation.

Has Donny's tweets turned on him finally? 

They're considered public record, and official White House comments. Which makes them perfect for Mueller's investigation. It's one more thing Trump can't walk back.

So, keep tweeting Trump... someday you may be doing it from behind bars!

Time for me to walk on down the road....

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trump Slaps His Base Around and Tells Them Tariffs Are Good

Good Day World!

It's another case of Trump against the American people and Congress...

No one wanted tariffs but Trump and a close puppet or two in his cabinet.

Financial analysts from independent think tanks, and a clear majority of Congress has been trying to get him to back off on the arbitrary tariffs before our economy tailspins into another recession.

Things are already getting bad for American farmers, a core base of Trump voters. In desperation Trump has proposed a bailout for them to help those already suffering from his tariff policies.  

Republican backlash is growing against the $12 billion dollar fix for his stupidity.

Comments from Republican leaders:

"They've been taking the legs out from America's farmers and ranchers," Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) said. "What the administration is offering is $12 billion in gold-plated crutches."

"I just don't think tariffs are a smart way to go." - House speaker Paul Ryan.

Tennessee Republican senator Bob Corker called on the Trump administration to "reverse course and end these incoherent tariffs," and said the administration was "offering welfare to farmers to solve a problem they themselves created."

Trump is insisting it's not a bailout but a "short-term solution" until the trade disputes are solved.

Facts always destroy rhetoric. Farmers are going to pay the price for Trump's trade war in lost markets. That's a given. There's no timeline when things will be peachy-keen again.

Perhaps more importantly, Trump has misjudged the farmer's re-action to his bailout. Most don't want anything that smacks of welfare.

Farmer's reactions to Trump bailout:

Video - Soybean Farmer calls Trump Plan a 'Pacifier'

Video - Farmers Don't Want bailout, They Want a Long-term Solution

The question is will this 11th-hour bailout stop his base from deserting him in the mid-terms? It's obviously a stop-gap measure designed to temporarily quell a rebellion among Republican farmers. 

There is a section of Trump's base, the non-farmers, who will always stand beside him as he attacks every law and norm in the country. Even if they do turn out to support Trump's picks in the mid-terms they simply don't have the numbers.

Every major poll in the country has pointed out that while Trump enjoys strong support from the Republican Party, the majority of Americans are opposed to nearly every policy Trump has forced upon our country.

Come November, we'll see how many Trump supporters turn out for the mid-terms. 

If the Democrats turn out in the expected numbers, that will be the first step in re-taking a runaway government under a wannabe dictator.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

tariff policies have put farmers “in the poorhouse” and now his solution is to put them on welfare.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

American Politics: A Stroll in the Twilight Zone

"You unlock this door with the key to imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone." - Rod Serling

                                              Good Day World!

Has the world around you gotten surreal lately?

Do you think you recently witnessed an episode of the Twilight Zone when Trump groveled in front of Putin during the so-called Helsinki Summit?

Do you have the feeling that you've crossed into another dimension when you read Trump's tweets?

Do Trump's daily lies make you dizzy?

Having trouble shaking off the feeling we're caught in a demonic reality show?

Confused why Trump is saying the Russians are going to attack Republicans in the midterms, despite the complete consensus from our intelligence community, and Congress, that they helped Trump in the 2016 elections?

Don't feel bad. Others feel like you do. Each day under the Trump regime is like opening a new door - or episode - into an alternate universe.

We're all forced to take a stroll in Trump's world everyday, because he's sitting in the Oval Office. That doesn't mean we have to be ostriches like Trump's supporters, and keep our heads buried in the fake reality show he's starring in right now.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Thanks to Trump Untraceable Guns Made Legal in Court Deal

Good Day World!

What country's citizens own the most guns in the world? 

That's easy. As everyone knows its America. 

And now thanks to the Trump administration, we're going to be flooded with untraceable 3-D printed guns available on the Internet on August 1st.

The green light came late last month, with a court settlement between the designer of the gun blueprint and the US state department. If this comes as a surprise don't feel bad. This dark deal went largely under the radar with next to no reporting on it.

Gun rights advocates celebrated the ruling. Criminals across America are eagerly awaiting August 1st when they can start printing their own secret arsenals.

The result of this ruling means we're going to be less safe from gun violence. We already struggle controlling licensed weapons, what's going to happen when these ghost guns are infused into the chaos?

This is not a victory for the Second Amendment, as the NRA and other gun associations claim. It's a victory for the criminal element in America.

This devious settlement will enable convicted felons and domestic abusers to download schematics online and print their own illegal and untraceable guns. How can that be considered a victory for the Second Amendment?

Once again Trump is pouring fuel on the fires he's started in this nation, subjecting us all to levels of racism and fear unheard of until now by a president of the United States.

I defy anyone to explain why we need untraceable guns in an already gun-happy country? And please, don't give me any shit about the Second Amendment...that's just a dodge and any sane person knows it!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, July 23, 2018

Real Definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome: People Who Don't Believe His Lies

Good Day World!

The toadies for our would-be monarch came up with a term that they think is pretty clever - Trump Derangement Syndrome - to describe anyone who doesn't like their authoritarian master.

The term (as defined by the alt-right) works with his minority base. But the other two-thirds of Americans think Trump's meeting with Putin was a "bad scene" that humiliated America in front of the world. 

Just talk a look at last week. 

Trump backpedaled so many times about what he said in public that GOP members of Congress were forced to call him out on it. Believe me, when I say those Republicans who have been enabling Trump thus far, are having second thoughts.

Perhaps they sense the treasonous buffoon in the White House is coming to a reckoning for his treasonous activities prior to, and after he was elected. Ostriches can only keep their head buried so long before they suffocate.

Deranged is a good word to describe Trump. Anyone else acting like him would be taken in for a mental evaluation and given drugs to control his Turret Syndrome. 

It's not easy controlling a megalomaniac who sees his position as president as an excuse to personally enrich himself, and his wealthy friends. It's impossible for someone like Trump, whose ego is all-consuming, to admit he's wrong about anything. 

Trump's lies are documented daily. They're so numerous that he averaged six lies a day, since slinking into office with Putin's help.

So, if someone says you have Trump Derangement Syndrome in a derogatory tone, smile and agree with them...just not their interruption of what it means. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trump vs the World - So Who Wins?

Good Day World!

America, for whom the bell tolls, is suffering a major worldwide smackdown thanks to our Liar-In-Chief.

I'm surprised at how Trump managed to strip away our standing with other countries so fast. After 70 years of peace, thanks to NATO, Trump only took 18 months to dismantle nearly every treaty the US signed.

He did it by attacking our allies and supporting dictators like Putin, Xi, and Kim. His relentless assault on our democratic allies has left them bewildered. 

Germany's leader, Angela Merkle, sounded the alarm on Friday when she said the US cannot be counted on anymore. Trump's chaotic regime has successfully destabilized a once secure European alliance.

Watching the protests in England over Trump's visit there was an enlightening experience. The British hate Trump and everything he stands for.

The moral clarity the US once provided to world organizations is fast becoming a memory. 

The America I grew up with set the standard for democratic countries. The American model of government spread across the globe, infusing countries with the desire to be free and live in a land where equality was stressed.

Now look at us. It's embarrassing. We're teetering on an authoritarian regime that seeks to strip the laws of the land and to enforce a hateful agenda against immigration,our middle class,and the poor.

We have to reverse this terrible trend. The way to do it is through the ballot box. The first step is the midterms. Democrats need to, at least, retake the House. 

If Dems get the majority in the senate (a long shot), they'll be able to blunt even more of the damage Trump is causing.

Take America back. Vote.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, July 21, 2018

This Is Not A Drill: We're In A Constitutional Crisis

                                             Good Day World!

Before I get into the particulars of our current constitutional crisis, I think it would be helpful to share the definition of the term. We've all been hearing it batted around a lot lately.

"A constitutional crisis is a situation that a legal system's constitution or other basic principles of operation appear unable to resolve; it often results in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government. Often, generally speaking, a constitutional crisis is a situation in which separate factions within a government disagree about the extent to which each of these factions hold sovereignty." - Wikipedia

Trump believes he has unlimited power, and has spent his presidency attacking America's entire intelligence community.

Trumps actions at the Helsinki Summit could arguably be called treasonous, and in violation of the Oath of Office he took by aiding and abetting a hostile nation against the U.S.

Trumps responses to Congressional outrage after the disastrous meeting was best. He continues to walk back public comments he made, but with less enthusiasm every day.

Trump instructed his puppet Bolton to invite Putin for tea in Washington this Fall. Despite the furor the first meeting brought.

 Remember, this is the man who interfered with our election, and continues to interfere. He considers us the enemy. His human rights record is deplorable. He's a murderer, and a thug trying to restore Russia's supremacy in Europe.

And Trump still invited him.

Trump has lied an average of six times a day since he's been in office. The public doesn't know what to believe because he's been pushing a fake news theory that is threatening the free press credibility here, and abroad as eager dictators follow his vile example.

Trump's corrupt history is surfacing in civilian courts regularly. The latest is New York's investigation of the Trump Foundation and it's fraudulent practises.

In the public realm... There's a playboy model, Karen McDougal, currently in the news with her lawsuit against Trump. 
There's a porn star, Stormy McDaniel, whose lawsuit against Trump is getting a lot of attention because Trump's fixer Michael Cohen is flipping on his old boss who he feels abandoned him.

An emoluments lawsuit is moving forward against Trump. A federal judge ruled that attorneys general from Maryland and Washington DC have legal standing to proceed.

I could go on, but I think my point has been made. Compare the list above with the definition of a Constitutional Crisis. How many violations did you count?

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

Friday, July 20, 2018

Trump Parade Still Planned Despite Cost and No Funding

                                            Good Day World!

Trump's ego is screaming for a military parade amidst the numerous investigations involving him, and his bromance with Putin.

The cost for the American taxpayer to fund his parade, is not even considered in Trump's world. The fact that it'll cost as much (if not more) than the cancelled war games in South Korea is glaring. 

Why? Because Trump bragged that he saved the US some money (even though it was at the expense of our national security) by cancelling them. Trump told US officials that the games were "tremendously expensive" and they "Cost a fortune."

Yet, he has no problem demanding a parade that will cost as much (if not more) to soothe his gigantic ego which has taken a beating lately. The Pentagon still doesn't know where it's going to get the money - it's not factored into their budget.

That doesn't bother Trump who will find the money somewhere, by cutting something, or taking away services to Americans from the overall budget.

The fact that our Liar-In-Chief still plans to have the parade he always dreamt about (it's a common dream among dictators), shows you how little he cares about you, and me.

As the Mueller investigation progresses we're going to find out if there was any coordinated activities between Trump's campaign and Russia. Putin has come out publicly and said he wanted Trump to win, but denied helping him.

That denials flies in the face of the facts our intelligence community has gathered. Indicting 12 Russians for attacking our election through cyberwarfare, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let's see what we find out about the recently captured spy from Russia, Maria Butina, who cozied up to Republicans, and the National Rifle Association.

As Trump's supporters in Congress become more desperate, expect more attacks against our intelligence community and rule of law.

I've got an idea. Maybe Trump supporters in Congress should take up a collection among themselves to make Donny's dream come though. Just saying...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Day America and the World Realized Putin Owned Trump

Good Day World!

Here's some Days of Infamy in American history;

1) The Bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan.

2) The devastating attack on American soil on 9/11.

3.) The Helsinki Summit featuring U.S. president Trump groveling before Putin: treason on display for the whole world to see.

Clearly a line has been crossed. America, and the world knows it.

Trump threw America under the bus because Putin has something on him, according to numerous US intelligence - past and present - officials. Yesterday former CIA Director, Leon Panetta, said there's no doubt Putin knows something "that intimidates" Trump.  

After Trump blamed the "stupidity of the United States for causing poor relations with Russia" I knew he was Putin poodle. Any American watching could see that. Trump thinks we are so stupid that he can lie to us with regularity, without suffering repercussion's.

As the world watched, the big bully who'd been sauntering through summits and picking on world leaders, turned into a submissive bitch, bowing at Putin boots while attacking the American intelligence community.

It was easily the most disgraceful thing an American president has ever done. No amount of feeble backtracking is going to change that. It's history.

Hopefully future generations will learn the mistakes we made by putting a traitor in the White House.

How do we go forward after this betrayal? Will this horrific moment in our history take a positive turn and see Democrats retake the House in the midterms, opening the door to Trump's impeachment? 

Or, will something entirely different happen? Like Trumpians and Russians getting together for another round of election rigging?

We'll find out in November.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

As The Liar Turns: Donny Doubles Down Despite GOP Concerns

Good Day World!

The reactions of GOP lawmakers yesterday to Trump's (in his mind)triumphant return from Helsinki were cowardly, despite some grumbling and apologies to America's allies for what he said.

Trump committed treason at Helsinki. It'll be forever referred to as the "Surrender Summit.That's the long and short of it, but not the whole story. 

Trump's ties to Putin's Russia go back long before he ran for office. His admiration for Putin has been on display since he held a beauty contest in Russia and hobnobbed with Russian oligarch's. 

After Helsinki, and Trump's stubborn defense of Putin, it no longer looks like admiration. It appears to be fear. Fear that whatever Putin has on him will be released for the world to see.

Why go against his own advisers and intelligence community so blatantly on the world stage next to Putin? One would think he'd realize it could be political suicide.

Members of our intel system (17 agencies) suspect Trump has been compromised.

It's called Kompromat by the Russians.

As American intelligence agencies have been saying all along, the Russians tried to compromise the 2016 election. Until Mueller's investigation concludes we won't know how complicit Trump campaigners (and Donny himself) were with the Russian efforts.

In a classic Trumpian moment, our Orange-Tinged Clown-In-Charge tried to take back what he said at Helsinki yesterday. His excuse that he misstated a sentence was so weak GOP lawmakers tried to find holes somewhere in the Capitol Building to hide in. It wasn't pretty.

Mitch McConnell "one of Trump's Bitches" reacted to the Helsinki Suck-Up by announcing to Europe that the US is still their buddy. Regardless of what the president of the United States said standing next to a dictator. Awkward.

Maybe the groundswell I heard about yesterday will grow, and people will DEMAND to see All of Trump's Tax Returns. Those same returns he pledged to release if elected. The same returns that Trump claims Americans aren't interested in.

Guess what? We are interested in Trump misusing the powers of his office (and lying daily) to derail all of his ethic violations, and calls for his tax returns. 

I'd make a bet the country wants to know a lot more about what Trump has been doing to destroy our democracy in an insidious cover up to protect his fat ass against whatever Putin has on him.

This is a moment in our history that someday will be described as a milestone in our history - when the president of the United States sold out America.

History will also record what Congress - and especially Republicans - did to take back our country, and restore our standing in the world community.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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