Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trump vs the World - So Who Wins?

Good Day World!

America, for whom the bell tolls, is suffering a major worldwide smackdown thanks to our Liar-In-Chief.

I'm surprised at how Trump managed to strip away our standing with other countries so fast. After 70 years of peace, thanks to NATO, Trump only took 18 months to dismantle nearly every treaty the US signed.

He did it by attacking our allies and supporting dictators like Putin, Xi, and Kim. His relentless assault on our democratic allies has left them bewildered. 

Germany's leader, Angela Merkle, sounded the alarm on Friday when she said the US cannot be counted on anymore. Trump's chaotic regime has successfully destabilized a once secure European alliance.

Watching the protests in England over Trump's visit there was an enlightening experience. The British hate Trump and everything he stands for.

The moral clarity the US once provided to world organizations is fast becoming a memory. 

The America I grew up with set the standard for democratic countries. The American model of government spread across the globe, infusing countries with the desire to be free and live in a land where equality was stressed.

Now look at us. It's embarrassing. We're teetering on an authoritarian regime that seeks to strip the laws of the land and to enforce a hateful agenda against immigration,our middle class,and the poor.

We have to reverse this terrible trend. The way to do it is through the ballot box. The first step is the midterms. Democrats need to, at least, retake the House. 

If Dems get the majority in the senate (a long shot), they'll be able to blunt even more of the damage Trump is causing.

Take America back. Vote.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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