Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Thanks to Trump Untraceable Guns Made Legal in Court Deal

Good Day World!

What country's citizens own the most guns in the world? 

That's easy. As everyone knows its America. 

And now thanks to the Trump administration, we're going to be flooded with untraceable 3-D printed guns available on the Internet on August 1st.

The green light came late last month, with a court settlement between the designer of the gun blueprint and the US state department. If this comes as a surprise don't feel bad. This dark deal went largely under the radar with next to no reporting on it.

Gun rights advocates celebrated the ruling. Criminals across America are eagerly awaiting August 1st when they can start printing their own secret arsenals.

The result of this ruling means we're going to be less safe from gun violence. We already struggle controlling licensed weapons, what's going to happen when these ghost guns are infused into the chaos?

This is not a victory for the Second Amendment, as the NRA and other gun associations claim. It's a victory for the criminal element in America.

This devious settlement will enable convicted felons and domestic abusers to download schematics online and print their own illegal and untraceable guns. How can that be considered a victory for the Second Amendment?

Once again Trump is pouring fuel on the fires he's started in this nation, subjecting us all to levels of racism and fear unheard of until now by a president of the United States.

I defy anyone to explain why we need untraceable guns in an already gun-happy country? And please, don't give me any shit about the Second Amendment...that's just a dodge and any sane person knows it!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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