Monday, July 23, 2018

Real Definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome: People Who Don't Believe His Lies

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The toadies for our would-be monarch came up with a term that they think is pretty clever - Trump Derangement Syndrome - to describe anyone who doesn't like their authoritarian master.

The term (as defined by the alt-right) works with his minority base. But the other two-thirds of Americans think Trump's meeting with Putin was a "bad scene" that humiliated America in front of the world. 

Just talk a look at last week. 

Trump backpedaled so many times about what he said in public that GOP members of Congress were forced to call him out on it. Believe me, when I say those Republicans who have been enabling Trump thus far, are having second thoughts.

Perhaps they sense the treasonous buffoon in the White House is coming to a reckoning for his treasonous activities prior to, and after he was elected. Ostriches can only keep their head buried so long before they suffocate.

Deranged is a good word to describe Trump. Anyone else acting like him would be taken in for a mental evaluation and given drugs to control his Turret Syndrome. 

It's not easy controlling a megalomaniac who sees his position as president as an excuse to personally enrich himself, and his wealthy friends. It's impossible for someone like Trump, whose ego is all-consuming, to admit he's wrong about anything. 

Trump's lies are documented daily. They're so numerous that he averaged six lies a day, since slinking into office with Putin's help.

So, if someone says you have Trump Derangement Syndrome in a derogatory tone, smile and agree with them...just not their interruption of what it means. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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